Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Last Friday

Last Friday, mum and I went to Shepton Mallett to the Annual Stitch and Craft fair. It was a lovely day and that meant it wasn't too busy.

There wasnt much available by the time we had lunch so we shared a sandwich and had a brownie each.........mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

My main aim was to get these bits and bobs to make party invites. My mum is 70 in June so I am incharge of invite crafting. They are going to be plain white cards with a picture of my mum when she was about 2 on the front. There will be some inking and maybe silver glittering somewhere. I will probably use my edging punches too. Inside will be the invitation wording on silver pearlescent paper and the fuschia pink ribbon will tie it all together at the spine. It's also mum's fave colour. Will put up my final invite once it's finished.

My mum was really lovely and let me have both rolls of free ribbon we were given and she also bought me these, the spring coloured Pro markers which were all on offer for £5.00 per 5 pack. She also bought me a 12x12 clear plastic lidded box so I can be more organised for crop and not take the world and his craft room!!!!!

Mum also brought me these pinking shears she found wrapped up in her sewing basket.

Happy me!!!!!!!


  1. It's lovely that you can enjoy a day out with your mum :) Mine can't get out and about..I don't think we've been shopping together since I was a teenager. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished invitations!

  2. Sounds like you had a fab time! I haven't been to a craft fair in *ages* - but there's one locally in a couple of weeks, very much looking forward to it :-) Oh, and the invitations sound like they'll be lovely, can't wait to see them! xx

  3. Glad you and your mum enjoyed yourselves....looks like a fun day.

  4. Sounds like a lovely day. Like Sian, I can't really do this stuff with my mum any more - her mobility isn't good and I can't push a wheelchair. Still, we manage a brief amble round the local garden centre and craft shop from time to time... we're off there on Friday morning, to take her friend out for a birthday treat at the lovely cafe. Should be good.

    The craft fair looks as if it was exciting.. lots of goodies and ideas on offer. Good luck with the card design and making - I'll look forward to seeing a finished one!

  5. I need to shopping with your Mum! Sounds like a great day Jo.


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