Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Crop continued.....

Yesterday blogger had a hissy fit and wouldnt let me upload my pictures of my LO from crop so I'm trying again. The picture is of my friends youngest Jonathan. He must have been about 2-3 here and is wearing his favourite Tigger had. The papers are Kraft Kuts and Kraft card with Sassafrass thrown in for good measure. The journalling is a stamp as are the little birds.

I thought you might also enjoy a picture of Wells Cathedral which you really cant miss when u go ANYWHERE around here. Isnt she lovely?


  1. Yes, it looks lovely. That's a fab layout really highlights the photo so well.

  2. Love your use of a circular mini-frame for the photo, to mirror the circle on the kraft card. Also the star embellishment.
    That's a good journalling stamp. I have been looking out for one that just has lines on it (straight or dotted), so I can make journalling cards in whatever designs I want.. can't find any, so I've improvised with the side of a large tag stamp, which has great straight lines with dotted "stitched" lines inside. I can just print lots of those and it looks great (like I did for my "Project 2009" pages).
    Wells Cathedral is lovely. I haven't been inside that one yet... must go there one day. I've been to Gloucester, Ely, St. Albans.. probably others I've forgotten too. Lots of churches in various towns/cities. I used to go to loads when I was a kid - it was a kind-of hobby of mine. It's amazing to realise how those wonderful buildings were constructed too... no big cranes, no mechanical tools, no lorries or diggers... just man-power, pulleys & winches, horses & carts.. and love I suppose! Real Art Work, on a giant scale, to the Glory of God!

  3. ooh lovely page, its great x


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