Thursday, 22 April 2010 I said.......''.......... today is signing on at the Job centre day. Much excitement ensued as I have found a job but as it takes forever to do a CRB check, at the moment it takes 2 months, I can't work at my new job until then. So I still have to sign on until such time as the CRB comes back. Anyway, I had to change some details on my form. How many civil servants does it take do u think to change one thing? Six, yes 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All it needs is them to add 'RGN' and my registration number but it can't be done straightforwardly. Oh no I now have to go back for another appointment to change just 2 simple little things the lady had already found out today! Mad isnt it?
Anyway, it is lovely today so I wandered around Wells and as u may have noticed a new little picture has come up in my right hand piccy list for Scrap-a-mia. This is a weekend away my mum and dad bought me for my bday/xmas pressy last year and it is next month. I am in the flower group I imagine cos I'm such a shy, retiring little thing....................NOT!!! Anyway, we have all been sent a chipboard flower to decorate and I thought I'd treat myself to a pinny which I am going to applique with flowers and maybe a cupcake as Shimelle is one of the teachers. Yey for Shim. She's fab in real life and does g8 classes. Last time she brought loads of yummy homemade cupcakes.
Tonight I am also going back to my youth as a new Brownie leader with 1st Easton brownie pack. I am excited and nervous. I got out my badges yesterday from my jewellery box ready and have washed my shirt. It's navy blue with the emblem on it. I loved being a brownie leader in Southampton and hope this will as much fun. It is the 100 year anniversary of Brownies this year and there will be big celebrations in the city as we are hosts!!!!!
As a treat to my hair yesterday I bought this..........'s by Rachel on her new Folksy site. Anyone who has ever read her blog knows she is a knitting major. She knits really fast and all her projects look gorgeous. So I have treated my hair to something pretty for the summer. Can't wait to show u how I look when it arrives.


  1. Yay! for The Brownies. I was a Guide actually, not a Brownie, but never mind. I bet you are a brilliant leader. I can just imagine it..

  2. Enjoy your next few weeks of freedom, now you have the job to look forward too! :-) I am *so* jealous of your 'live' Shimelle class... Can't wait to see you with a flower in your hair! xx

  3. Ah Jo, it sounds as if you have got your life well and truly back on track! Well done for sticking with it... I hope you can now relax and enjoy your few weeks of rest, before you have to start work.
    Silly that it takes so long for a CRB check - also that the one you had for the Brownies can't just be applied to the new job.

  4. Despite the administrative frustrations you sound so happy Jo! I'm with Sian ... I can just see you as a Brownie leader! Have a great time with all of the girlies and your live class with Shimelle - feel free to say hi from Australia :-)

  5. wow thanks for the linkage jo much appreciated, good look being a brownie leader, i was a terrible brownie only went when it was camping lol


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