Monday, 14 June 2010

I am 200!!!!!!!!

Yes it's true, I have reached the grand old blog number of 200 posts. Now many of u will say that's pitiful but to me that is a cool number. I feel the blog is hanging in their despite the recent Internet problems and I have developed from 0 followers to 28, and had over 1,800 visitors. Very exciting. So what shall we do to celebrate? I have already pampered Curlyscrapbooker with a facial and some Oil of Olay to keep her looking spick and span and I am looking for some new things to do. There might even be some cupcakes and beer later as it is so warm. The bunting and balloons are ready so come on in and take the weight off ur feet for a while.

I am having a hot air balloon look cos being 200 is pretty good these days!!!!!!!!

Anyway rather than do a giveaway or anything like that I thought I'd share some new information I have found about some free clesses coming up as pass the parcel pressies, and no you dont have to do any forfeits.
Firstly if you follow Cathy Zielske's blog you will know what an amazing teacher she is and she does digital/hybrid video tutorials. Today she has a fab video showing how to do exactly that with a digi-template and there are downloadable instructions to keep all for ZILCH!!!!
Secondly, Jessica Sprague is 3 years old, well her site is so she is holding a free class on digital development.
What I love about Jessica's classes are that not only is she a g8 teacher and explains everything clearly and simply, she uses videos and also supportive handouts to explain everything. The classes are available after u have finished for life so u can come back and watch the videos over and over. She also has the most amazing digital kits and gives you loads of freebies and wonderful ideas. Give it a go.
As you know Shimelle is doing a new class but she hasnt blogged about it yet today so watch this space. As of 10pm Shimelle has put up details of the new at a reduced rate til the end of the week, plus another class for later on.
Abi from Creating Paper Dreams has finished her exams but informs us she needs to do 100 hours of intelligent reading over the hols to get a chance at Oxbridge!!!!!!! Scarey. Do u think crime thrillers count or children's books as I read alot of those.
I actually read Alice in Wonderland the other day in one sitting as I have never read it and wondered what all the fuss is about. I loved the Cheshire Cat.......................isnt he aWESOME! he can disappear, cool.

and the croquet match with flamingos and hedgehogs but most of it I have to admit I found quite silly. Shame on me I suppose. I also have Through the Looking Glass which I will add to the list. There is an awful lot of Alice around at the mo isnt there? Shimelle went to an Alice inspired party if u check out her blog. Are there any books u've wanted to read and then been disappointed? Do tell!

Anyway hope u have found some interesting places to visit and maybe sign up for a new class or just ruminate over one for the future. Thanx for following my blogging so far and please do come back again for more curlyscrapbooker blogs in the future.
Now go home with your party cupcake and enjoy.


  1. Congrats on reaching such a grand old age,Jo...and the cupcakes are delicious.
    I'm watching out to see what Shimelle's new class is...the Alice party looked really cool......and have signed up for Jessica's class...not sure if digi cards are my thing....but worth a try.

  2. go jacky, u are one amazing chick for taking the plunge. anyone can do JS classes with little effort I'm sure u'll enjoy it.

  3. Yay, congratulations! :-) What a lovely set of links, thanks for those xx

  4. Happy 200th Blog-day! Great post. Thanks for the "freebie links"!

  5. Congratulations Jo!
    I've signed up for Shimelle's class and I will sign up for Jessica's as well, even though I don't make many cards she always has great ideas :-)

  6. 200 is well worth celebrating!! Many Congrats and best wishes for lots and lots more :)

    I've signed up too

  7. Congrats on 200!! Here's to 200 more. :)


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