Thursday, 17 June 2010

The news we've all been waiting for.

At last the news we've all been waiting for has arrived, I start my brand new job on Monday. Yippee!!!!!
I will be working at the William Budd Health Centre in Knowle as a health visitor. I will be working full-time so need to practise getting up early!!! ;-) The first 2 days are Staff Induction at Southmead Hospital and then I go to Knowle after that for my first day in the office. It will be really strange working again after so long waiting, but I am so excited I am Snoopy dancing again in a very silly way.
I just want to thank all my bloggy friends who have listened, sent supportive comments and emails for all that support. It has meant a great deal to me to get that from people I have only met in cyberspace. If I could organise it, I'd have a big party where we all met up and had a lovely meal and drink of vino to celebrate our new found friendships.
Anyway, I'm off to catch the last few rays of sunshine I can before I start work. Back soon


  1. Great News, Jo! I'm celebrating for you (hic!).
    And it was Knowle that you really were hoping for, wasn't it? That's the village place with the nice people and the fields round about etc?

    I hope you will be very happy in your new job. Good luck for Monday!

  2. yes lizzie it was the place i really wanted. i cant quite believe that in 4 days i'll be a working woman again
    Jo x


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