Saturday, 19 June 2010

Party prep 2......

This morning I managed to get up at 7.30am in preparation for Monday new start and got on with the days list. Also received my contract for Bristol and other important paperwork ie payrool details. Ooooh pay what a lovely word that is.
First was to do the wahing up and tidying to make room for the cupcake extravanganza planned this am. Secondly I had to take some helium balloons to be filled by the lovely Jake at Abundiflora. Next I came home for quick cup of coffee and then the cupcake fairies came to assist. They are Kate and Josh who come down here every weekend with their dad. They are really great fun and we had a wonderful time mixing, measuring, beating and spooning out mixture into 60 cupcake cases!!!! I used some Vintage ones I had bought at the Bath and West Show. Then Graham their dad came down with coffee which was nice and we sat and checked out the bunting I have been sent, more about that after tomorrow's party.
By that time we were all ready for a short interval so they went off to sort themselves out and I made a book which has all the cards in sent by people in acceptance/non-acceptance of their invite. I have kept to the same theme of the photo of my mum and the butterflies and pearls. I think it looks really pretty. I have decided that once the party is over etc, and I have been paid, I will make an album of all the photos for my mum.
Then Kate and Josh came back and we made a huge bowl of butter icing in baby piunk to decorate the cupcakes. Funally all we needed to do was put on the edible orchids and sprinkle with glitter..........................phew I'm exhausted. Graham brought us down a bottle of beer each and Kate took some arty shots of the finished cakes.

Here's Kate expertly piping the icing.................
Next me also piping the icing...............

The next shots are Kate's arty shots of the finished cupcakes...................
So now I am gonna watch Dr Who and then I've been invited to watch Seven with Kate and Graham as Josh has gone to a sleepover, and it's my DVD they're borrowing!!!!


  1. They look absolutely scrumptious,Jo....hope it goes brilliantly.

  2. The cupcake fairies? I love that! And they do look gorgeous.

  3. The cakes look fantastic - I just bought some of that fantstic glitter for a few cakes I'll be making this week for the young lady!

  4. Oh, Jo! Those cupcakes are works of art! Wonderful! I'm sure they tasted great too...


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