Friday, 18 June 2010

Party prep part 1

Today, we had the final push of party prep for mum's 70th birthday celebrations on Sunday. The forecast is good so hopefully we will be able to play in the gardne as a house full of 40 people will be tight!!! My dad and I went to Asda in Bridgwater to buy the drinks for the party this morning. I cannot tell you how helpful the staff were in there, Caz and Sam whoworked in the wine department excelled themselves giving us advise and choices. They even helped with the calculations. We got a g8 deal for our wine and beers and brought it all home. Only trouble was my poor dad has become so befuddled he's got all emotional and started crying in the aisles. I felt so awful for him and there wasn't a cafe for him to sit quietly and have a coffe to calm down. Anyway, it's done and safely stored away.
Next item on the adgenda for me was to meet with Jake, a family friend and amazing floral designer. He has his own shop in Glastonbury called Abundiflora. We had discussed a floral arrangement which mum and I had seen of his in the local church flower festival last Saturday but unfortunaltey the huge cocktail glass was hired and had been sent back. So it will be smaller but no the less spectacular. This is the cocktail glss arranbgement Jake did..............
Stunning isn't it? The inside of the glass was lined with orange slices and it smelt divine. Jake is really clever and has some really inspiring ideas. Today he was showing me some really imaginative bridal bouquets he is hoping to get some clients to have, they were really one of a kind.
Next here is the completed birthday card I made for my mum.

It is using a stencil I bought from the Bath and West show by Anna Marie Designs. Mum saw it and so I sneakily bought the staircase template. It is relatively easy to make. I used A3 card stock, tried to get 12 x 24 card but the craft shop didn't have it. I used a pice of butterfly paper to decorate the inner card and then added some stickers and paper roses on to the staircase itself. The sentiment is by Coco Chanel and from a sticker set by Bazzill. Just need to find a big envelope.

I finally finished the scarf, tassels and all so that just needs wrapping and the other bits will be done tomorrow. On the list is another trip to Glastonbury to fill some helium balloons and to make 60 vanilla cupcakes and ice them with butter cream in pink! I've made a chocolate cake today as my helpers from upstairs may need sustenance.
In other news, here are my beautiful roses from Alan.................

They are such vibrant colours, really me. I am going to 2 days of Induction to Bristol on Monday and Tuesday and then to my new base on Wednesday to meet all the team again, the other health centre staff and my new manager. Loads to do and learn but it will be exciting.


  1. Jo,it all sounds just wonderful.....your mum will love it all...keeping my fingers crossed for good weather for you.....have a great day.

  2. How exciting it all is! Sorry your dad found all the shopping a bit much - it can get overwhelming for any of us when there's a lot to organise. Hope he was able to relax once you got back to the car.
    The card is lovely - shame I didn't know you wanted an envelope a bit sooner, as I have some A4 size that would probably do. Try local craft shops that sell "DoCrafts" as they were selling A4 cards with envelopes (A4 as in A3 folded in half).
    The scarf is fab and if your friend can make a flower arrangement as cool as that one in the glass, it will be amazing...
    I hope you all have a great time, Jo - especially your mum, dad and you!

  3. What an exciting time! The party will be a huge success I'm sure, your planning has been so thoughtful and loving. I hope a wonderful time is had by all!


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