Thursday, 12 August 2010

Ten things on Thursday...........................

 So today I had planned on bringing you some lovely photos of pretty things, however the universe in it's ultimate wisdom has conspired against me so tomorrow or Saturday I hope.
So instead I bring you ten things on Thursday:

1. 2 new arrivals this week, one is the new baby in our Toby born to our nursery nurse. The second is a new addition to our family. She is small, black and sleek. She is very quiet and so far the cats dont seem to be too upset. We are still finding our feet but she will settle in nicely I think. She is called Immy and looks like this............

2. This video came out today and I love the Scissor Sisters so enjoy.............

3. Relief that I did not run over the baby red deer which ran in front of the car on my way to work today!!!!!!

4. My car brakes got mended yesterday.

5. The Big Picture Scrapbooking free class began today. If you haven't signed up yet, you still can, it's FREE so what are you waiting for. It runs for 13 days and loads of expert scrapbookers are designing and teaching lots of fun classes to make pages and objects for the home. Go here to sign up

6. It's only 1 more sleep til the end of the working week, it's been a busy one mainly cos of the paperwork you have to complete. I'm sure I've destroyed several forests so far!!!!!!!

7. Fleas have invaded the cats so today involved brushing and de-fleaing them both with Frontline.........such a fabulous product.

8. Amy for sharing a wonderful photo of the sea in Melbourne.

9. That it isn't raining at Soul Survivor where my friends and Aby are spending a week celebrating their faith.

10. That I have the opportunity to talk to lovely friends across the world with the touch of a button. That means you guys :-))))

Jo Jo xxxxxx


  1. Thanks for sharing,Jo....I've signed up for the BPS class....hoping for some inspiration.

  2. Don't forget to grab the hipstamatic app for your new baby. It's the best!

  3. Glad you liked the photo Jo - it certainly soothes me during a busy week!
    I like the scissor sisters too so I will check out that link.
    I hope your baby doesn't keep you up at night ;-)

  4. Enjoy your new phone :) Yesterday someone pointed me in the direction of the wide angle lens you can buy for a camera phone at Photojojo. I'm seriously thinking about it.


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