Saturday, 6 November 2010

Blog party-One year on.


So celebrate good times come on..................................everyone sing with them.................

Remember this?

How could we forget how many of us first explored the pleasures of blogging along with the lovely Shimelle our class mistress? How we all set out to design our blog pages and followed  Shimelle's detailed instructions to improve on our writing and linking.? Wow it doesn't seem possible that it's almost 12 months since our community was born, and for me that's what we have become, a community of bloggers but quintessentially friends.
So in honour of this auspicious occasion, the gorgeous Lizzie and I have designed a party for your enjoyment with fun, food, drink, dancing, party games, prizes and maybe the odd forfeit or two.....................well maybe not the forfeits.

So on Saturday 6th November just over a year from when we started we are hosting the party of the year to celebrate. It all begins at 8pm GMT  and everyone who has a blog or took part in the class can take part, it's a party afterall we love gatecrashers, it makes for more fun and frolicks. If you'd like to join in, here are the key details:
  • Send an email with your details including blog address/email address to either myself or Lizzie.
  • or
  • Make sure you send it all by 29th October 2010 to be included...................this is very important.
  • There will be extra details sent nearer the time for you to do on your blogs on the day.
  • The theme is ''Celebrating Blog Friendship'' because for me and Lizzie that's what we have gained from our blogs, not just the crafting knowledge and experiences, but new friends across the world.
  • The idea is for each participant to do something crafty , or not depending on your angle, on the blogpost that day or just write something which celebrates friendship and how their blogging has facilitated that.
  • There will be prizes on the day from both me and Lizzie and also 2 fabulous secret sponsors,...................oooh er, and if you would like to, you could offer a prize from yourself as a pass the parcel prize (not to be confused with Sian's pass the book..................highly lucrative plug there darling!!!!!). That is completely up to you but NOT compulsory of course to taking part.
  • We would love to see as many alumni as possible taking part and of course any bloggers who weren't in the class but would like to take part are very welcome.
  • Please use the picture above on your blogs to put the word around if you're joining in and think some friends might like to join us and below is a lil widget u could put in ur sidebar.........

So put your thinking caps on, get in touch and take part in the celebrations.

Hopefully there will be none of this..............

But we dont want any reprehensible behaviour like this please, it will be a refined occasion....................;-)))

Looking forward to hearing from you,


  1. Oh Jo, what fun! Such a great idea, many thanks to you and Lizzie for organising this :-) I'll be in touch xx

  2. YAY! And I love the Beastie Boys' "Fight for your Right..."

  3. Sounds great, Jo! What a splendid idea1 I will be back when I can work out how to add the widget to my sidebar!

  4. im totally in and might be able to rustle up a prize from my other blog!

  5. gaa!! It is I..kate from liberty cottage signed into the wrong damed blogger!!! argh!

  6. ahhhhhhhh! soo excited! LOVE a good party! ha ha! Will be in touch! eeep! xxx

  7. is the best to get me on at the moment!! :) kate@ Liberty cottage x

  8. wow it sounds fab I hope to be an official gatecrasher seeing as I have got to know a few of you via the wondrous World Wide Web and blogland xxx

  9. This sounds fab Jo, will be in touch x

  10. Sounds like a great idea Jo x

  11. Sounds fabulous - I just sent an e-mail to Liz. Count me in :)


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