Sunday, 31 October 2010

Numbers, pretties and a party.

Happy Sunday to you all, I hope you have a fun weekend. I went off to Harvest festival at church today and was manhandled by my scrapbookie friend Alex into the kitchens to get cups allegedly. In actual fact she wanted to tell me her news, she is pregnant with her first baby. How exciting a scrapbooking babe at last. She is about 12 weeks so feeling sick as a dog but everythig is going ok so far. Yippee. Next I was asked if I would help in creche at church once a month. I thought it was a lovely idea so will do my CRB check,............another one and after Christmas I should start properly with the 0-4 year olds, awwwww.
This afternoon I have been watching''The Event'', anyone else watched this yet. My friend Luke told me it's addictive so I watched the first 3 episodes on 4od, it is actually very good so far. A sci-fi series with political undertones and extra-terrestrials. Will have to see how many episodes I can continue to watch before I throw in the towel, more than 12 and I'm in sleepy town unless it's brilliant.
I also did a layout this afternoon on the numbers theme we did the other day on Shimelle's new class......

 Also here are some goodies I picked up in my fave shops the other day, a cute cupcake money box and some cupcake cookie cutters which may be useful for the blog party next weekend.
And this lovely...................
I loved Sophie Dahl's no-nonsense cookery programme and I picked up her book for £6.25 in WH Smiths. What a bargain! If you are looking for a gr8 programme to watch this week, then Kirstie Allsopp is back with more homemade stuff on Channel 4, not sure which day though, but a whole hour of fun and handmade stuff.


  1. Lovely scrap page - I like the circle of numbers idea, but not on a circular shape - cool!
    Cuuuuup caaakes.... but sadly not edible ones... cookies sound ok though. I think I saw some of those cakeie cutters online the other day...
    It's great news about the creche - I love the littlies too. They've been knocking on our door here, since about 5pm, all dressed up in funny little costumes and squeaking "Trick or Treeeet" when J. opens the door. I think he's running out of sweeties now! The big kids are going to be disappointed this year (and I thought I'd bought so many sweets!)

  2. thanks for the reminder about Kirstie Allsopps show. I'd set up to tape it but since had to retune my channels so will need to add it again!

  3. Fab layout Jo, love it :-) And cute cupcake goodies!

    Congrats to your friend, and I can just imagine you in the creche, you'll be great with them xx

  4. Great page Jo and I love those cupcake cookie cutters, they are so cute! :)

  5. Thanks for the tips, I liked Kirsty's show last year. Love the page!!!

  6. That's a really lovely page Jo - and I love how you have photographed it too


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