Thursday, 28 October 2010

Project Team Ewan

 .....................hi there and thanx for stopping by. I cant believe another month has almost flown by and by Sunday the evening will be darker in the UK. Anyway 2 things today, firstly Melissa has blogged more details about Project Team Ewan which I talked about here. There is now a proper flier and release date..........

It is such an special project and very close to her heart as Ewan was Melissa's friends' son. Please hop over and have aread and support her and the Children's Hopsital if you are able. I know I will be.
In other news, I am thoroughly enjoying Shimelle's new class. It's a while since I actually journalled in a book and this has got the creative juices sort of flowing.So the other day I explained how one of the ideas was to journal using all the letters of the alphabet in a fun way. Lot's of ideas were given and I went with the writing something about somebody, namely my friend Luke. I have already made a LO about our friendship but hadn't gotten the journalling sorted so this is waht I came up with, it's abit mushy, I warn you!!!!!...............

''Everyday I am Grateful to have such an Amazing friend in my life. Yes, that individual is you Luke. Ever since we met, our relationship has become one of Deep friendship and respect. Some People have said it's 'Queer' loving the pun there? But I feel True friends are Rare. Underneath your Cute, Bubbly exterior is a man who has faced insults and trauma for being who you are. Why? because they don't understand what an Xceptiona, Funny and Special Human being you are. You are Zaney, Irrepressible, my One of a Kind Luke. Me, I am your loving friend Jo xxxx ''

I think I have used all the letters in the alphabet in this short letter to my friend. I hope it portrays a small amount of the feeling I have for this amazing man. At only 21 he probably knows me better than anyone and he is my lil nurse student protege, only 6 more months and he enters the realms of qualified nursing status. When I actually complete the LO I will post the pictures.
Hope you're having a fab Thursday, and don't forget to join in on the party hop you have until tomorrow, so far I have 27 names, it would be gr8 to have a round 30! 
Jo xxxxx


  1. Yes, I got the pun there! It's great to see you enjoying your writing - I'm certainly enjoying reading it.

    Many thanks for your comment today x

  2. I think it's wonderful when you can strike up a warm relationship with someone you mentor - it's very special!

  3. Fantastic journaling, he sounds a great person!

  4. Great journaling - isn't it amazing what the alphabet can inspire us to write? Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your letter was great to read! Nice blog!


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