Friday, 5 November 2010

It's Christmas time.....................oh sorry!

.............................there's no need to be afraid...............tra la la dee dum,....................well at least it is in STARBUCKS. See I went into Wells today for some bits and thought yeah they won't have the red mugs in our branch yet. Who was very wrong? Of course they did and I got a big cup and a diddy one  to show you. They are different designs from last year as I still have one from last Xmas, dont worry I've washed it. They were doing a tasting of the Eggnog latte today so I got a dinky sized cup as well. Mhhmmmm not sure about the eggnog, I know our friends in the USA love it but it kind of reminded me of Amoxycillin syrup in milk with nutmeg, ie a bit medicine like. I might have to try it again.

 This one is taken with the Hipstamatic app..................
 This is my new baby the Pinhole camera app,..................way cool isnt it?

Anyway, I also did my bit for international relations by having a conversation with a young lady from New York who was sitting at the next table to me. It was interesting to talk to her about their education system, she's in college which is university. I also tried to explain Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night to her,..............I think she felt we were a bit barbaric!!!!! And to be frank trying to explain quite why we celebrate the non-blowing up of King James and the hanging, drawing and quartering of Guy Fawkes with a bonfire and fireworks kind of got me thinking maybe we are too. Anyway I do like a pretty firework.

Sitting there after she'd gone I was reading my new Crochet magazine which has incidentally given me some ideas for Xmas prezzies, I saw they had been looking on the lovely Lucy from Attic 24, so it reminded of something I found last night and it's a neat segway into tomorrow night's blog party. There I was lying in bed the other night reading an old copy of Scrapbook Inspirations, so sad, when I spied with my little eye 2 lovely blog friends, Abi and Sian. They had layouts featured in there so I know 2 well famous people apart from Shimelle now, yey me.

So remember, remember the 6th of November, blogging, cake and friendly fun, we're meeting at 8 so don't be late, there'll be prizes and lots of fun.


  1. I'll be there!! But no mention of the 'C' word just yet if you please..... ;-)

  2. Ooh I like that app! I'm off to have a look!

    .....and yay for new red cups! :)

  3. I might have to bake a cake in celebration :-)

  4. I had my first red cup at Starbucks this morning! Not brave enough to try the egg nog though, stuck to the scrummy toffee nut latte ;)

  5. I like the look of that app! But I do agree with your description of eggnog.

    Which SI was that? The one with my Ready Steady scrap in? I like the thought of me turning up unexpectedly like that hehe.

    See you later!


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