Thursday, 16 December 2010

A latenight update...........

I have been very busily making Christmas presents for friends and family members. The knitting needles are knit one purl one and the crocheting is growing. I am making a Lucy bag for my friend and tonight I practiced making flowers.

My friend Louise is flying off to the US today and my sister, I am no longer allowed to call her lil sis as it sounds too American apparently, flies off to Dubai this weekend. Leaving to snow and her in temperatures above 28 degrees C apparently.

My pay it forward book has now arrived from the US from Margi who's blog is The Maverick Crafter
Here is the premise of her idea..............................

What is it?
First I have to thank Sian from High In The Sky for finding and running with this wonderful idea, Pass the Book, and am grateful that I can continue the sharing with my Pay The Book Forward!

What happens?
Those who follow my blog know that I'm a big eBook convert.  Love my Sony Reader as well as my Kindle app for the iPad and my Droid.  With that said, there is nothing that beats having a traditional, on paper, wonderous book in my hands.  So, I am going to choose a book to read each month or so, will post about it here on the blog and then send it on to a fellow reader via snail mail. If you would like a chance to receive it in the mail, have a  great read and then pass it on, then leave a comment for that book. Around the first of each month, I'll draw a name for the previous months book and ship it off. All that is required, if you win the drawing, is that you enjoy the read and post it on your blog in a timely manner to pass along to another lucky recipient.

Track the book(s)?
What I'd like to see happen, as each recipient receives the book they write their name and general location on the inside cover of the book.  And as the book moves forward, let me know where it's at and where it's going next!  It will be a blast to see how they travel.

If you are the lucky winner of the draw?
First, leave an Email contact for me on your post for the book.  If you are the winner, I will email you for your snail mail address and ship it off to you!  Enjoy the read! Then create a post on your blog, referencing the "Pay The Book Forward" on the MaverickCrafter blog, and ask who would like the book next. Set a timeframe for the drawing, draw a name, tell us and then mail the book off . Be sure to follow this blog for a chance to win another Pay The Book Forward!
The book is called ''The beach street knitting society and yarn club'' by Gil McNeil. She is a British author and the book sounds fab. I also looked her up on Amazon to see what else she has written and she has quite a large bio. Anyway I am off to try and read the book I am currently reading which is a Stephen King on my kindle app, ah technology.


  1. Sounds like you have been busy making gifts! Enjoy the book.

  2. That sounds great Jo, I would love to read the knitting book.
    Rachel_b2008 (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk
    Have fun reading Stephen King :)

  3. The book sounds great,Jo....count me do all the crochet and knitting....would love to be able to crochet flowers.

  4. Good for you with your knitting! I really ought to give that a go...

    The book sounds really interesting, I just received one from Jacky which started off at Sian's, looking forward to having time over Christmas to read it! xx

  5. Would love to have a chance of 'winning' your book Jo thanks for the chance xxx


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