Sunday 12 December 2010

Christmas club part 3 and giveaways.

Today is another installment of Christmas club and also the launch of a giveaway from me and a giveaway from Missy.
Today is one of our newer family traditions. My lil sister and her BF are quite often seperated for Christmas because  he goes to Germany to see his family  and she stays with us. This year they are going to different parts of the world seperately and away from me, the mother and dad. So today we all went to their place for a slap up meal of turkey, roast veg and all the trimmings, plus xmas pudding. It was a wonderful meal, thanx lil sis, and they played the host and hostess perfectly as always.

 Chief Chef lil sis making her fabulous gravy...............
We were chatting about past Christmasses, one of which was when we were both little and mum had handmade us each a loobylou. Mine had brown hair and hers had cream we thought. We also remembered times with family members like our Grandparents who are no longer with us. When we were little nanny and grandad watts were the reverend and mrs reverend and lived in a massive Victorian rectory. There Christmas tree was huge, over 6 feet high. I always sang in the church choir at Christmas. At Xmas lunch we had a meal in the huge dining room and my cousins would make us laugh by having christmas pudding with custard, brandy butter, cream and ice cream..................and then somehow get out of doing the washing up.
In the afternoon today we watched Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen in ''White Christmas''

which is a lovely film if you want a nice old fashioned musical/romance to watch.My sister always has a number of Christmas films she loves to watch and apparently next Saturday is '' The Muppet Christmas Carol'', mine is ''The Box of Delights''.
She also wanted us to open one Christmas present together

Dad's greenhouse heater....................................................
so we did was new as we dont normally do this. I got a set of tins for cakes and some silicone heart shaped cupcake cases. So baking here we come. I will re-wrapping my pressie though and open it on the 25th. This year we will Skype Dubai as lil sis will be there for a week with her in-laws. Anyway we had a wonderful day, and are making new holiday memories as a family.  And poor Finn looked after by the babysitters.............
As for the giveaways, Missy is having a giveaway of a fabulous bracelet over on her blog so hop over and have a look. For my self, I am having a pressie giveaway for Xmas/birthday. Anyone who leaves a comment on the blog up until 25th December will be in with a chance of winning some stash I have sorted through in the past few weeks. I will probably divide it into several little parcels and I will announce the winners after Christmas.So give it a go.

ps the birthday is on christmas eve, yes i am a christmas baby!!!!!


  1. Your pre-christmas dinner sounds wonderful....I love the traditional christmas roast.Today we've been busy with our christmas decorating.

  2. Sounds like a good sort of New Family Tradition - epecially if it means Two Christmas Dinners! Glad you had a good day...

    When is your birthday? Sure you said when, but I have forgotten already... duh!

  3. It's not easy being all split up at Christmas, is it? My brother isn't making it home from The States this year and we are really going to miss him.

    I love the way you got chatting about past Christmasses and you remembered the rag dolls - I bet that was the same year my mum made us Holly Hobby dolls! Lovely Christmas memories Jo and illustrated with some very cool photos! Thank you for Christmas Clubbing today.

  4. Thanks for sharing your special family 'Christmas Day' with us, it sounds great. I had a bad start to the weekend but it has got better and I went to my first ever Christingle today which was great xxx

  5. What a lovely post. I'm sorry that you'll not be together at Christmas this year, but you've made the best of it, and thats just fabulous.

  6. We are having a pre-Christmas lunch this Saturday with the in-laws, the kidlets are going to love having Christmas drawn out over a week!

  7. What a nice remembrance you've had! I love White Christmas. It's my favorite Christmas movie, although I do also love Miracle on 34th Street.

  8. What a lovely idea to have an early Christmas get-together :-) It means you can still share the occasion with everyone, and it's great that you can Skype nearer the time too! xx

  9. I did realise that it's your sister who's going to be away, by the way, even if my previous comment suggested that I thought it was you.... Can't think straight after a hard afternoon's teaching!

  10. Looks like you had a lovely pre- Christmas. Thank you Jo for sharing your precious family time

    Lesley xx

  11. Lovely Christmas post :) what fun to celebrate all together before your sister goes away, lovely idea!

  12. Ooohhh... you know it makes me happy that you watched White Christmas!! And I've never had Christmas pudding... is it British thing?

  13. awww, its sad that ure sister won't be there for christmas but it looks like you had a fab day anyway! The heart shape cupcake cases sound awesome! Will need to see the creations from them! Abi xxx

  14. Hello Jo, At last I caught up with you, I love the idea of an early Christmas get together, and isn't Skype brilliant?


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