Sunday, 6 February 2011

Storyteller Sunday - February.

Welcome to the second edition of Storyteller Sunday for 2011. Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking about what to write and it all came together when I visited my friend Sarah and her family. She has 2 children lil E and lil M. Lil E once she got over the intial shyness of not having seen Aunty Jo Jo for a while was playing and laughing quite happily.

After supper it was time to calm down for bed so the ritual of Aunty JoJo reading stories began. This has been a ritual in my own family for as long as I can remember. My dad read to me when I a little girl, I remember The Wind in the Willows with all the voices included. He made up stories for my sister about Drogg the dragon which are somewhere recorded for posterity.
Anyway, one of the books lil E wanted me to read was ''Little Grey Rabbit''. This had been one of my favourite books as a child and I still have my very worn copies of the 3 books I had. I read the story with her all about Little Grey Rabbit trying to save her friends from the wicked weasel and how she lost her tail in the process to Owl. I remember thinking as an adult how gruesome and cruel the story seemed yet E loved the story and it didnt seem to worry her at all. Amazing how we have such different perspectives on stories as we grow up. I always loved Grey Rabbit because she was a gr8 friend and cared for her friends Hare and Squirrel even if they were selfish. I always thought Owl was so wise he had the right answer to everything, even if he stole her tail. Incidentally Grey Rabbit does get it back again at a later date. I loved the pictures and the time spent with me as a child reading. I remember my mum reading to us as well from her weekly magazine the story of The Robin family. I got so excited every week waiting to hear what Roley Robin had been up to and we would snuggle up in bed together while mum read the weekly installment to us.
As many of you know books are important to me, I spend my money primarily on books, music and scrapbooking. The rooms in my flat are full of books of all sorts, poetry, romance, crime thrillers, classics, technical books, scrapbooking and crafting books, I've probably got books of every genre somewhere hidden away. So far this year I have read 7 books and my plan this year is record all the books I read as a scrapbook album. There are books within the bookcases I want to read again and I will.


  1. A lovely story, you I love books....and still have all my old Enid Blyton ones.

  2. How lovely that this old favourite is becoming a new favourite. I loved Beatrix Potter as a child, but my children really didn't take to Peter Rabbit & Co at all.

  3. You know, I've never read these! I must try to get hold of them :-)

    I'm recording the books I read this year, too - I have plans for a minibook or series of layouts! I'm currently re-reading my collection of Agatha Christies, starting with the Poirots.

  4. Jo - this is lovely :) I can remember the Robin stories too - in fact I think I used to cut them out and make a SCRAPBOOK with them! Women's Weekly was my mum's treat every week.

    Thanks for contributing a story Jo, much appreciated!

  5. Great story Jo ooh could we do a book club? You have such great books me thinks! Hope all is well and looking forward to keeping up with your blog again I have been busy with my prescribing course and have missed u! xxx

  6. I don't ever remember my parents reading to me but I loved reading to my son, my favourite to read to him were the Brambly Hedge books, his was Thomas the Tank Engine!


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