Sunday, 27 March 2011

More tea Vicar?

or should I say ''More tea Bishop?'' This weekend has been filled with lots of lovely events, some planned, some unplanned. So I thought I'd blog about them today as a weekend roundup.

 So yesterday dawned, not as warm as predicted but neverless sunny. It was arranged that I would meet the parents in town as dad was involved with a charitable event raising funds for Save the Children and Help for Heroes. They had openned the Bishop's Palace Gardens and private chapel for the day and there were teas and coffees provided by Inner Wheel. So me and mum went off to support these 2 excellent causes. The first person we met was the Bishop, hence the quote, who my parents know well as my dad used to be church warden, all very ladeda. Anyway he was really lovely, and welcomed everyone as they came in. The gardens were beautiful, all the daffodils and trees were in full bloom and as the palace is part ruin and part lived in is really well cared for.

 Here is The Mother modelling dutifully under the magnolia, she does it beautifully dont u think?
 This is one of a number of unique statues in the gardens, this one depicts the banishment of Adam and Eve from Eden.
 This is the cathedral from the back

 This statue is beautiful and depicts the sins we have to carry, but each sinner is a child. Each child is meant to represent something terrible affecting children eg AIDS, infant mortality etc.
As you walk around, you can see the cathedral and also the moat goes all the way to the back and the only way to see it fully is to come inside the palace grounds. As my mum knows loads of people it took a while but I got some beautiful pictures. We also had some fab cakes.

Last night I stayed up well past my bedtime to watch the last 2 episodes of ''The Killing'' which I blogged about earlier this week. It has been such a brilliant series however I felt the ending just happened too quickly with too many questions left unanswered so I felt really let down. However, there is a second series at the end of the year and I will definately watch again.

Today, I slept in oops and missed church but spent sometime sitting in the gorunds here chatting to a new neighbour. Then my friend's son came home and we did his homewor, I know I'm a fab person. We had to do literacy and also he had to design a vehicle and build it which had to transport a cream egg, I got to play with Lego for the first time in ages. It was brill.

 This is the literacy homework in progress.......................
 Of course everyone had to complete their census today and here is m ine ready for posting. I love that in 100 years someone in my family can look back and see where I lived and what I did. I have found the census so helpful in investigating family history and identifying where my ancestors lived.
 I thougt I would also share with you my minibook I started making at crop. It is a class my good friend Cleo taught. We started off with chipboard, paper, some pieces diecut and were asked to bring lots of Tim Holtz style recycled items and photos. I decided to do it about the night I went out with Luke for his 21st. We were also given three 45rpm singles which I caused gr8 consternation with as I only wanted decent ones, of the three 2 were fave bands back in the day OMD and Tears for Fears. The idea was the minibook would be grungy and made very much in our own style. Cleo had brought denim and canvas and cotton fabric plus lots of additional bits and bobs to use. It was gr8 fun. These are the pages I have completed so far.......
 I had the key in a kit and it is perfect for turning 21................
 Here is the record used as an album page.

 On this page I stuck sticky canvas on the chipboard and coloured it with distress inks.
 This is a collage of offcuts from papers and also some corrugated card from a pizza box. I used some teal paint on this page.
This page is stuck onto calico and coloured. The ties at the top are denim ripped and tied through holes in the record.

Not bad for one weekend dont you think. So off to cook and eat tea now. See you this week for more blogging for scrapbookers. And Shimelle is back in town so I'm sure we'll hear all about her mammoth trip.


  1. An interesting weekend,Jo. Love the album....great style for a 21st....though I'd be a bit worried using old records....hope somebody checked that they weren't valuable!!

  2. Indeed a great weekend. Your mini book looks amazing! How did you manage to punch holes in the records without them cracking and splitting???... lots of great affects achieved I love it!

  3. what a very intersting post, goodness you've had a lovely weekend, haven't you :) The album is lovely, it really makes you want to pick it up and flick though :)

  4. What a great book! (Especially with OMD in it!!) xx Roz

  5. Lovely photos, Jo - great to hear about your weekend :) And that minibook is stunning! xx

  6. You cram a lot into a weekend Jo!

    Yes you are 'brill' for being an able homework assistant and your Mum looks great under the magnolia! Hey, of course you only wanted good records in your project ;-)

  7. Gorgeous pics Jo and your mini album is lovely. How did the creme egg vehicle go? Did you get a pic? :)

  8. Fantastic post title Jo! Your photos are so atmospheric too, I love them. It's good to see you getting back into a bit of blogging.


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