Monday, 28 March 2011


Now I am not the best person to set myself goals fro certain things as I normally fail abysmally. Case in point is losing weight. I set off with good intentions however I get easily sidetracked by the lack of interesting stuff to eat, counting points and other people putting pressure on me to continue. I find it all a bit stressful. But there are other goals I will stick to and mine this year is to record my reading. Luckily for me there are some great challenges around and and Book Chick City has a fair few on her blog so Im signing up.

Firstly I am signing up for the Murder and Crime challenge. You need to read 12 books in the 12 months from Jan 2011 to Dec 2011, dead easy as it is my fave genre so I will be able to achieve this.

The second challenge is to read 100 books in the same year. Bearing in mind, that you can choose any genre and it can be ebooks, print and also kindle books I think I've read a fair few so far. This will be more of a big challenge to keep reading but I will record each book I read and scrapbook the process as well.

My other goals are to catch-up with my scrapbooking classes I've been doing and to organise my scrapbooking supplies because at the moment they look pretty messy to say the least. If anyone has got any ideas for storage and organising please do let me know as I could definately use the help. So what goals are you setting yourselves and why?

Finally I am listening to this song alot at the moment and its not my usual thing at all. Love the video..............please enjoy Mr Tinie Tempah with Miss Ellie Goulding.............


  1. I quite like the sound of the mystery and suspense challenge myself....definately my favourite genre.

  2. Good luck with your goals, at least they're things you enjoy, so you won't mind sticking to these :)

  3. Wow great goals Jo, have fun reading :)

  4. Er, I'm not a very goal oriented person- is that what the professionals call it?

    But I'm reckoning I probably will end up reading about 100 books this year, at the current rate. Let us know how you are doing!

  5. Hi Jo :)
    Good Luck with your Goals :) x

    I set myself a goal of 52 books in the year, but hoping to surpass it... is a great site for books and chatting with others who enjoy read, as well as getting lots of recommendations. You can keep track of what you are reading, what page you are on as well as what is in your to be read pile!
    They also have a Facebook Page!

  6. That sounds interesting - I wonder if I'll manage 100 books this year? I think I've got a pretty good chance! Do let us know how you get on xx


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