Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Today was................

There are many words which describe today:
cute, frenetic, scarey, challenging, long, beautiful, and deathly..............

I am sure some of are wondering what exactly has been happening to make these words crop up. Well surfise to say, it's been interesting, like many a day is. Work was generally the challenging as everything can change so quickly from one extreme to the other. But it's really the after work I wanted to share.

I live several miles away from my place of work and this means that I have a drive of about 40  minutes after work to get home. Most of the time, I dont give it too much thought but as I had had a toughish last hour, I was reflecting on my journey home. I always have my iphone on with my Spotify playlists on and gamely sing away to myself, I am sure making other drivers laugh. On my journey home I move from tall tower blocks and busy city streets to high hills and beautiful fields of green. Fields full of sheep and lambs and also cows. I pass by a beautiful reservoir full of wild birds and sometimes stop for some fresh air, oh yes the occassional icecream.
Today there were hundreds of daffodils in bloom and I noticed banks of wild primroses had suddenly come out. As I got to home, the dark rain clouds cleared and as I drove down the hill towards town, the sun came out lighting up the Tor in the distance.

Having that drive home today made me feel more relaxed and unwinding meant that by the time I got home I had shaken off the work hat and was definately in relax at home mode. I find a journey can help to do that.


  1. I used to find a longer commute a great way to unwind in many ways after a work day. Hope you are ok after that heavy sounding day xxx

  2. How wonderful to move through such landscapes! Delighted to hear about the ice-cream :).

  3. Yes I agree, I travel between 25 and 45 minutes depending on which college site I am on and I find that any stress has gone by the time I walk through the door :)

  4. That sounds like a lovely journey :-) So glad it does the trick for you! xx

  5. I loved reading your description of your drive home. Many years ago, when I was working full time and the mother of two busy teenagers, someone asked me if I ever got any solitude. It was my ride to and from work that provided that time, though it was much shorter than yours. And I was almost always singing along to some CD!


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