Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Well I will have to blog more about my favourite Dr I think, it was a resounding success as was the first episode of the new season. But onto other matters. Before I pootle off to church here are some Easter wishes:

  • I wish you all a peaceful and blessed Easter celebrating our risen Lord,

  • I pray we all have a great time spent with family and friends,

  • I hope my roast lamb doesnt burn  and the raspberry roulade turns out ok

  • I hope nobody buys me lots of chocolate as it's one of my terrible sins and indulgences,

I send you all a Snoopy Dance for joy for all these things and more.......................Happy Easter blog friends xxxxxxx


  1. Right back at you! I wish I had a choccie egg DS has 4!! Lucky boy I do have some cream eggs (36 to be exact!) so will be able to indulge later!

  2. Happy Easter to you, Jo!

  3. Happy Easter to you too Jo :)

    Thanks for admiring my bunny rabbit on my blog header, the pattern came from a sublime book which you can get from here:

  4. Happy Easter to you and yours! Enjoy!

  5. Hope that lamb turned out beautifully Jo! It's a favourite of mine. And a very Happy Easter to you too

  6. Hope you've enjoyed a lovely and meaningful Easter and a good rest!


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