Saturday, 23 April 2011

Who are you?

If you know me well you will know that tonight at 6pm I will be glued to BBC1 for the start of the new series of Dr Who..................yey for Matt Smith's Dr. Somewhere in my parent's stash of photographs of my birthdays there is a fabulous picture of me and my little friends looked terrified at the TV screen while watching an episode of Dr Who when we were about 5 or 6 years old. I remember Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker as my favourite ''older'' doctors but it is Chris Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith who have brought the Dr back to life with avengence in my older years.

BUt there is one other person who has been central to Dr Who from my earliest memories and she is Miss Sarah Jane Smith. It was always fun when she was on board the Tardis, one of my fave episodes was ''The Pyramids of Mars'' as a child, murderous mummies roaming around the countryside squashing people to death. Little did I know the big bad was being played by my godmother's husband to be, he also played the big devil creature with David Tennant   ( his voice anyway and Gabriel is very scarey for a nice guy)

. Sadly this week Elizabeth Sladen died from cancer so it will be rather a bittersweet return for the Dr. Luckily the BBC in their wisdom are showing a short tribute on CBBC after the new episode of Dr Who and I will be recording it to watch later. One of her greatest episodes was when she came back to see the Dr when David T and Billie Piper were together and trying to destroy aliens in a school. Just seeing her again and the return of K-9 was such a brilliant storyline. She later returned again to save the world with the Dr and the extended gang when Catherine Tate was his latest companion and they destroyed the Daleks.
One of the reasons I love the Dr is the brilliant story telling and this has been so brilliant since Russell T Davies and Steven Moffett took over. There has been some incredible acting talent to watch, cant wait to find out more about Dr River Song, the incredible Alex Kingston, and her role in the Dr's life. Is she his wife or not? Will the writer's ever reveal the truth? Who knows,  that's what keeps us all enthralled, that and the alien creatures the Dr encounters, the good and bad, new and old. I for one can't wait to see what happens this season, can you?
Just for a laugh can you reveal your fave Dr Who and fave alien (good or bad).

 My favourite, well obviously Mr David of Tennant, but I am making Matt Smith a close second cos he's so mad and cute! And favealien well obviously as blog owner I cant choose one so I am being greedy and saying the Daleks for on going malevelance and super scarey fun and John Simm's Master for brilliant psychotic acting. Now it's your turn.


  1. I can still remember the feeling of watching the very first episode from behind my granny's sofa! The Beeb had to repeat the first episode the second week before they showed the next episode - from then as a family we were hooked! J x

  2. I loved Tom Baker as The Doctor, when I was a kid, but since David Tennant and Matt Smith - well, let's say they have each brought a new zany twist to their character, to rival even Mr. Baker himself! I think David Tennant has been my all-time favourite, though I did like a number of actors' "versions" and Matt Smith is currently doing a great job (so I hope they don't go and bump him off in favour of a new Dr. #12!).
    As for Assistants... can't remember many of the earlier girls/boys very well. I think Sarah Jane was the best of the "originals", but I liked Billy Piper as Rose and I really like Karen Gillen as Amy Pond.

    Enjoy your favourite show, Jo - we'll be watching here and I'll be sure to think of you, as we settle down at 6pm this evening!

  3. I remember watching from behind a sofa as well!!! Last night Dr Who was even mentioned in an episode of Criminal Minds!!!

  4. I think Jon Pertwee has to be the spookiest doctor - just something about his voice used to scare me more than the Daleks did!

  5. enjoy watching your fave show!!!

  6. I used to watch it from underneath the dining room table, hidden behind the chair legs! That was back in the Jon Pertwee days of course ;-)
    I was so scared of the daleks, absolutely petrified, until one day on Blue Peter, they showed how to make a dalek out of egg boxes. Didn't seem quite so scary after that, I mean, who'd be scared of an egg box ?!

  7. Love, love love Dr Who!! My fave from the pld guard would have to be Tom Baker, and David Tennant from the more recent doctors. Fave alien??? Well scariest for me were the weeping angels, or was it the empty child???? ... creepy!!

  8. Fantastic post Jo! We love the Dr here too. I used to have nightmares about Daleks when I was younger and hated sleeping downstairs.... I was safe upstairs so slept soundly but now they have worked out how to levitate so stairs are no object yikes!! i loved Tom Baker but have been loving the 'new' boys lots too! hope you are well xxx

  9. Great new blog look Jo, hope you had fun watching Dr Who :)

  10. just watched this DR Who! Hmmmmm, not really sure what is going on!!LOL!!

  11. The Dr that I can remember from my childhood was Peter Davison though I can't remember any specific storyline.

    My fave Dr so far has to be David Tennant. Though I must admit Matt Smith is doing a grand job.

    Loved tonights episode. Can't wait to see the next episode

    Jo - your new blog makeover is fab by the way

    Lesley xx

  12. I used to be scared too and watched it from behind the sofa - I remember the man with really grey hair swept back - think he was one of the early ones before Jon Pertwee.Great post Jo x


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