Thursday, 14 April 2011

Today I am excited about.........................

These things are making me excited today.................

  • The commencement of Beyond blogging for scrapbookers with the fabulous Shimelle Laine. If you have done Shimelle's earlier blog class or have had a blog for a while and want to revamp/explore how to improve it then why havent you signed up. It's only a little bit of money so get over there and join us Shimelle stalkers fans on Monday over on the forums.
  • This design call for Scrapbooking from the Inside out because I love their kits and their design teams are always so innovative, go on give it a shot.
  • That it's Friday tomorrow and that means it's the WEEKEND!
  • Scrapbooking friends who worry what might be going on when you say you cried yesterday....................I've sent you an email and big kisses for asking. I'm feeling much better today thank you.
  • It's only a month to Scrapamia in Hampshire where I get to scrap all weekend with 4 amazing designers from across the globe.
  • And finally it's 2 weeks to the Royal Wedding. Do you remember these ones? My fave was Princess Anne's she had such a lovely frock.


  1. Very best wishes with the design team call! Go for it! Lots of lovely things to be excited about ... and glad you find your blog world friends are supportive :).

  2. still not decided about beyond bfs as away from computer for a few days next week i suspect, will be off to look at scrapbooking from the inside out, so pleased the weekend starts tomorrow, glad you are feeling better not read your post from yesterday so will do, Scrapamia is fast approaching.. enjoy,not sure what I am feeling about the Royal Wedding tho great to have a long weekend away from work!!

  3. Yeah... I remember those Royal Weddings! I liked Princess Anne's dress too. Don't they all look soooo young? (don't I feel sooo old that I remember them all - though Anne's is a bit vague to be honest). Don't know if I'm excited about this wedding or not - it is nice that HRH Prince William is happy and settling down though. I think I might be a bit excited by the time the wedding comes round (a bit busy here just now... no time for excitement about 2 weeks' time!)

    Glad you have some things to make you feel good today. I hope you felt much better today and had a happy day. XX

  4. We have a lot of hoopla down here too - well, a lot for Australia - such loyal subjects we are ;-) Though, the poor girl is looking terribly skinny ... at least it seems as though they may have a better chance of making it than his parents.

    Just seen email ... will rsvp soon :-)

  5. Best of luck if you are going for that DT, Jo!

    There isn't much talk about the wedding round here, but I'm sure TSO and I will be glued to the tv for the day all the same

  6. Hey there, fellow Shimelle-stalker :-) Glad you're feeling better, I've been thinking of you lots today xx

  7. Hi, I've come over from BBFS, I can't wait for class to start either!

  8. Yes I am looking forward to the new Shimelle class, see you there! :)

  9. Hi Jo! Thanks for the blog love. To answer your questions, I think you can re-size your blog header in FotoFlexr by clicking on "Resize" and then change the width to 700. Hopefully the image will still look good at that size. Or if you use Photoshop it might work better to use the resize option. I use Photoshop Elements. And this post tells you about making your blog header clickable:

    If you have any other questions, just email me at julieann dot shahin at gmail dot com !!! xoxo


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