Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Today I found this on the Profound Brunette's site, thanx Melissa

Yesterday I said goodbye to the sunshine....................shame
Yesterday I rode 40 minutes to work, and the same home
Yesterday I was greeted by 2 mad moggies and a parcel of pretty soft shaded butcher's twine I had ordered.

Yesterday I relaxed watching the last episode of Law and Order UK..............It was sad.
Yesterday I discovered that Sian had made a felt lion and circus trailer and was having a pash about Robert Pattinson.
Yesterday I texted 3 friends to tell them I loved them and none of them replied..................bad friends.

Today I enjoyed, if I'm honest nothing  :-(.
Today I helped a client.
Today I created this blog post.
Today I wondered if I would ever stop crying.
Today I decided I need to be more honest.
Today I improved my hair.
Today I celebrated the fact that Ella publishing are doing a special offer on a class.

Today I blogged for the first time in a couple of days and it felt good.
Today I cooked a cuppa soup for my lunch at work..................I was lazy and I had pizza from the takeaway for tea.

Tomorrow I return to work bright and early.
Tomorrow I must focus on teaching a student all about being a health visitor.
Tomorrow I balance my work/life.
Tomorrow I will write the start of my annual appraisal.
Tomorrow I choose life

What did u do yesterday/today and tomorrow?



  1. Jo

    what a lovely post. So sorry that you cried today though

    Hope you are Ok

    Lesley xx

  2. I'm sorry about the cry too - but, even though part of today was sad, I notice that there were some very good things going on otherwise ... happy mail and the felt circus ... and riding to work - yay for you :-)

  3. Lovely post Jo..apart from the fact that you cried :( Hope all is well again :)

  4. I'm sorry about the tears too, is there anything any of us can do to help? x

    A great post all the same - I could have a go at thinking about some of these while I do the ironing later on!

  5. wow that is a really heartfelt post! Glad you are feeling better and so sorry there were tears sending big hugs xxx

  6. Bah! My comment has vanished... having problems with comments just now... not sure why.
    "Yay" for nice parcels in the post, Ella special offers, pizza and nice comments (above) from your friends...
    "Boo" for not enjoying anything today (!), naughty (or v.busy?) friends who don't respond to messages, feeling sad and having a cry...

    Hope you feel much better now. Hope the cry was only a short-term problem. Hope today was a good day.


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