Friday, 20 May 2011

Owl mail..........................

The other day this lovely blog friend sent me a mysterious email saying she had sent something to me. It got even more mysterious when she wrote a second time saying it was coming via someone else. Being abit of a sleuth I put on my best Miss Marple knitted cardi and hat and wondered what could it be. Well today,  a lovely parcel arrived and this is what it was......

 A lil note from Fiona with what Lizzie said..........................aww bless her.

It's a notebook with a fabric book cover. It is I think linene or calico with appliqued owls (which I adore), which have then been embroidered. The book cover is beautifully made, very neat stitches (much better than mine) and the lady who designed and made it is called Fiona T. You can find her work here and here. Now for the purposes of not seeing how much my lovely gift was I havent visited yet, so you'll have to pop over and see for yourselves. I'll check it out later. If Fiona's work is anything like this it will be a beautiful site.

As today is not one of my best so far, it put a lovely smile on my face and made me so glad I have my blog and the amazing friends I have had the privilege to make during my blogging time. You certainly know how to make me feel special.

Thank you...............


  1. Lovely notebook, wishing you a better tomorrow Jo is it Scrapamia this weekend?? Sending hugs xxx

  2. I'm wishing you a better tomorrow too xx

    And I'm glad your lovely parcel gave you a little lift

  3. :-)) Glad it made you smile! x

  4. What a lovely warming gift! Hope the cockles of your heart are glowing and it's making you feel better ...

  5. I'm finally catching up on my blog reading. I'm intrigued by the new magazine, but haven't seen Molly Makes here yet. I think I'll go looking this afternoon.


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