Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Today I am....................... the mood to celebrate something I made and other interesting places on the web.

  • Here is my completed iphone cover from yesterday's post. I had to use my own fluorescent felt for the piece under the scallops as I neede the full width of the grey felt to go around my phone. I used all the other felt pieces as per the instructions and am really pleased with the finished piece. So is my iphone as you can tell.

 One very happy pink iphone................................

 and here is my version next to the version on the ''packet''. I'm glad I used the extra pink and yellow, I like their freshness plus the pink matches my phone.

  • As a child I used to go hunting pink elephants in the New Forset and still do with lil people now. Today on facebook, I was sen a link to this facebook page linked into Mind. This is a UK organisation supporting people with mental health problems like myself. The ''elephant in the room'' is all about talking to people in the workplace about mental health issues and their emblem is a pink elephant. Please give your support if you feel this is a good idea.

  • Elle's Studio have a new project kit thingy there'll be starting in a week and have a sneak peek here. I love sneak peeks dont you?

  • My friend Luke has caused me to go over to the dark side in that I am now obsessed with Drop Dead Diva, a US show which I have to say makes me want to be the main character. She is a fuller figured (yes this is US tv) lawyer who is body confident, sophisticated, and can sing amazingly well. I so want to be her I can feel it in my veins.

Not only am I obsessed but I am mourning the near loss of my other faves Bones, which ends tonight and Glee which ends next week. If you haven't seen ''Funeral'' then get a box of hankies ready cos it is well sad. You have been forwarned.


  1. oh no I am soooooo sad tht it is the last pisode of Bones tonight! I love it! Plus no more Glee wow!Will have to hope the live concert makes up for it!

  2. Have never seen Bones - but I am a true Gleek!! My sky box is full of Vampire Diaries and True Blood I need to watch.

  3. I'll certainly be missing Bones!!
    Love your phone cute.

  4. Great phone cover Jo :-) I hate it when your favourite shows end - such a loss ;-) Just think, you can focus on a new one now!

  5. You've made a great job of the phone cover. I need to get some matching thread to make mine. I've seen a few done now and I love the way everyone's is a little bit different:)

  6. Love the birdy phone cover! The i-phone looks very happy tucked in there. I agree that the extra pink and yellow bits make it all the more special (and personalised!).

    Haven't watched any of those tv programmes - I hardly ever see any tv... maybe I should (but then I'd get nothing else done!). Enjoy your new US Tv show, even if you miss your old shows!

    More about the Pink Elephant please?

  7. Nice work with the phone cover. I bought that magazine too and really loved it.


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