Monday, 27 June 2011

52 lists: the wish list...........

This weeks list inspired by Kel is the wish list. Mmmmh what would I put on one of those?

Well last night it would have included asking the team at Glastonbury to turn down the sound system a bit cos it was upsetting the cows in the fields by me. But today I've got some other things I'd wish for.

  • A larger scrapbook room would be at the top at the moment as I have stuff climbing out into every room in my flat and it seems to be creeping out the door and into the hall.....................

  • The ability to travel abroad without having to fork out for a new and very exhorbitantly priced passport,
  • The opportunity to meet my lovely blog friends, I wish we could all have our own lil time machine which would take us to one place and time to meet for tea, cake and crafty fun and chat xxx
  • Greater knowledge and understanding of The Bible as I am severely lacking,
  • Time to spend with family and friends,
  • The chance to meet that special someone,
  • That Daniel Craig hadn't married Rachel W last week.........................sob :(.


  1. I was trying to explain to TSO where Glastonbury was yesterday - so I should just have said near Jo!

  2. I had no clue where Glastonbury was/is despite hearing all about it over the past couple of days ... now I know!

  3. is that a picture of your scrap room Jo or the one on your wish list?? I love it! I really hope to see your wishes coming true and then I would like to travel in your time machine please! xxx

  4. love the wish list. Agreed that we should all meet up! I am going to shepton for SS by the way. You? xxx

  5. Great wishes, Jo. I can join you in a couple of those - a blogmeet would be amazing! xx

  6. Lovely blog, I also wish for a bigger scraproom and Daniel Craig would be an added bonus, I also see you like Depeche Mode, saw them last year at the 02 they where brilliant. Cool Digi page, like the design.

  7. I'll join you in the wish for a meeting in your time machine:) I used to live about 5 miles from Shepton, but have no idea what SS is? A friend of mine who lives in Frome could hear the music from Glastonbury, I'm amazed it could travel so far!

  8. Well, not sure I can help with the bigger scrap room idea, though I could suggest that, with storage, the best way is "Up"! Make the most of the space above & around you... that's what I'm trying to do (slowly, but surely). Then there is more space "in the middle", for the Real Scrappy Business to go on!

    As for the rest - at least Glastonbury is only temporary, though in one way you could be considered lucky, as you get to hear stuff without a ticket - ever considered doing what the folks in Wimbledon do? They move out for the duration of the Wimbledon Tennis - and let their houses out for mega-bucks, to those who want to be "on the spot" and go see tennis every day. You could let out your flat (to decent people of course), for almost-the-price-of-a-ticket-to-Glastonbury and stay with The Parents for the duration!

    As for the Bloggers' Meet-up - let's! Let's organise something for ourselves, in as central a spot as we can manage... at least the UK/Irish contingent might manage to come; if we're lucky we may even get visitors from Europe or further afield - though that's a "nice-to-have" rather than a given, isn't it? LET's Do This!! (all in favour....)


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