Saturday, 18 June 2011

Colour Combo bloghop part 2.

Hello and welcome to our second Colour combo bloghop ................

 You should have arrived from the lovely Lesley who is  married to AJ and has two beautiful cats called Kiwi and Willow.
If you followed last months hop you will know what we are all about but for those of you who are new to my site or the hop then here is our resumee. We mainly met through Shimelle's class ''Beyond Blogging for scrapbookers'' and the lovely Amy asked if anyone would like to take part in a blog hop. A blog hop is were several bloggers get togehter and at a set date and time we all blog about a specific subject and link to the others on the list. For this hop we have chosen to be a group who blog about a specific colour scheme and we choose to blog about those colours in a variety of ways. So if you are hopping you could find photography, scrapbooking, craft of all sorts, card making, cooking even. As long as it included the colours you're ok.  So below is our hues for today..........................

I have decided to blog about things I have found on Pinterest. If you haven't joined in over there, why not. It's completely free and a brilliant idea. Basically you sign up for an account and you are then provided with a number of ''cyber'' pinboards. You also can get a direct link into your Internet header. All you have to do then is go on your normal travels on the Net. If you see a blogpost/craft/LO/scraplift/book, well basically anything you like then you press the ''Pin It'' button in your header and it asks you which board to pin to and to write 
something about it. 

I'll give you an example. The other days I went here to visit Clair and saw this beauty................

and pinned it to my Xmas board on Pinterest. The repinning went balistic and Clair is now Pinterest famous all because of my mad early Xmas ideas. At last count she had been repinned 27 times..............wowzers.

So here are a few things I have found around Pinterest which may tickle your fancy.

 Here is some fabulous wedding vintage card bunting

 Some beautiful vintage storage cases.

 One of my favourite kinds of quotation posters

 This lovely caravan fits the colours sort of and is a perfect picture.

Agh yes if the man of dreams arrives, this might be the perfect vintage gown to walk down the aisle to.

A beautiful field of poppies for the perfect red hues.

 Yes please would love to make this

 Scrapbooking goodness..............

And a little of the slate to finish.................

 aw bless................
 and something to make..............

And once they're pinned it's like having your own Smashbook online without the worry of losing it, too much glue etc. You click on the photo of your item and it takes you the site it came from. Clever huh? If you havent got an invite, I have 5 to give away if I can find my links.

Here is the list of lovely ladies hopping to day if you get lost:

Your next stop in the hop is from here in South West England up to the North of England to another Jo  who sounds like the exam time is weighing heavily on her shoulders as she is a teacher. Let's hope she has had some free time to destress and make something lovely for us to look at. Thanx for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the hop.


  1. Too right - I have been marking exam papers all morning :0) Thanks for such a great introduction.
    Lovely post and I am really enjoying Pinterest myself.
    Have a great weekend x

  2. I'm a big Pinterest fan too - I'm hoping to find a bit more time to play around with my boards soon. I love that vintage dress - it's fabulous

  3. Haven't tried pintrest yet. spend too much time on the laptop as it is at the moment.

    Love the vintage dress too.

    Lesley xx

  4. What a great take on the colour challenge. I have been struggling a bit with working Pinterest, but I'll give it another go now

  5. I love your post, really enjoyed it. Jen xx Thanks for commenting on my blog, you rock x

  6. Love the pictures you shared. Thanks for explaining pinterest. I've heard about it but wasn't really sure what it was.

  7. I love all of the inspiration on Pintrest! Great idea for the blog hop!

  8. What a very nice post! I love Pinterest too, but keep forgetting to PIN stuff!! Neat collection of goodies you've found!

  9. oooooh, I love your finds on Pinterest!


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