Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Happy Dance in Wells today..................................

So today dawned beautifully sunny like yesterday and I knew it was gonna be a good day? Want to know why ? Weeeeeeeeeeeell I had a friend coming to visit who I have talked to loads but never face-to-face.
Here are a few clues:
  1. the title of her blog includes her name,
  2. although she is a scrapbooker, she also makes amazing handmade items,
  3. she sometimes can be found sitting in her garden with a very lucky cat,
  4. she has 2 cute furry creatures living in her dining room,
  5. she has a pet named after a famous criminal private detective!

Guessed yet? It's................................
Lizzie from Lizzie made

Lizzie had emailed me a few weeks ago saying she, D and J were coming to visit nearby and could we meet. I of course said yes even though I wasn't sure how my mental would be. Anyway we arranged to meet today at midday outside WH Smiths, really classy eh? Well being it was market day and rather busy we dispensed with that idea and I walked round to the car park to meet 3 lovely peeps waving madly at me. We went off to have to lunch in a local teashop and chatted, and chatted, and chatted. It was fabulous.

 This is the handsome D and the terrific teen J who were really fun and let me and Lizzie talk about scrapbooking and blogging for ages........................

 Here is the beautiful Lizzie, yes she is exactly how she seems on her blog, honest, cheerful, funny and clever,. It was like we knew each other already which I suppose we did in a weird way.

And of course we needed a shot of the glamorous ladies of blogland together. So once we'd lunched we split up and Lizzie and I went into some of my fave nicnac shops. We walked around the moat of the Bishop's Palace and then around the back of the cathedral via a beautiful pottery shop.

Then we ambled around the market, drank and cooling drink, and before we knew it, it was time for the gang to head home. I t was a gorgeous day but very short. Next time Lizzie has promised to teach me bookbinding.

Oh I forgot to mention she made me this .......................

 and brought me the stained glass owls, you know I love my owls.
here's a close-up of the stitched detail on the album and the paper she used which is peacock blue and then gold detailing and blue glitter. She's so clever.

So what a fab day. Could it get any better? Yes it could cos as I was reading my blogroll I saw this from Heather at Heather Scraps.................

And the winner is .........

...... Jo Sowerby!! You are going to be in reciept of this fabulous book just as soon as you let me know your postal address :)
I get the Pass the Book this month from Heather.

Oh I almost forgot I have got another Rinda's Scavenger hunt picture of our local museum..............

Jo xxxxx


  1. Glad you have had such a great day - it is lovely to see you both together and congrats on your win. Enjoy x

  2. yay!! so glad you won the draw Jo :) Looks like you had a fab afternoon with Lizzie & her 2 gorgeous chaps xx

  3. Glad you had a lovely day with Lizzie...I do wish I'd known you were so close to where we holidayed....maybe another time.

  4. We had a great time too Jo! I only have steam powered imternet just now and no pictures so i.ll write a post when we get back to civilisation! For now I.ll just say Thanks for a lovely afternoon and I hope to see you again soon. X

  5. Oh, how lovely! It's always a real treat to see a picture of a "meet-up". Who would have thought it, eh? When we all started out. I got your email and I will reply x

  6. Oh, and enjoy your Pass The Book. I'm glad it's your turn

  7. We got home this afternoon. Tired and still catching up...
    But I just wanted to say, this is such a nice post and the photos look great - some cool and clever editing here (he he...).
    So glad you had fun - me too! And I'm glad you are pleased with your pressies.

  8. Sounds like you had a fabulous day, the photo of you two together is lovely. As are your presents, the blue on that book is luscious! x


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