Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Hello again hello!

Oh my goodness, having dropped over to see what Lizzie was up to on her blogiversary today I thought I'd see when I last blogged myself. Nearly 2 months ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoops and sorry.

So what have I been doing in those weeks away?

  1. I have returned to work as a health visitor after nearly 6 months off sick and I can honestly say I am soooooooooooo pleased to be back. I feel so well, confident, love my work and the new and inspiring team we have got. Altogether things are great work wise
  2. I have been on a diet using Slimming World partly for my blood pressure and also myself worth. To date I have lost 1 stone and 5 lbs in 7 weeks. Awesome. People are starting to notice the change in size and I am feeling so much better. I was carrying my friend's baby the other day and realised he weighed as much as I had lost. He was really heavy and I thought to myself, wow how did you carry that extra weight around.
  3. I have joined the gym under the GP referral scheme and have been going twice a week. Not being a gym bunny at all I have to be perfectly honest and say I am feeling really motivated and glad to go. It doesnt hurt that the instructors are easy on the eye.
  4. Luke came down to visit and we went to see The Feeling in Bristol who were brilliant as always. He has his graduation ceremony in 2 weeks and I feel so proud of him. I've made some new friends in Bristol one of whom is an artist and performance artist, very talented and more on him another time.
  5. I have been bad with the crafting, not done much at all. But excited to meet some blogfriends at the end of this month in Coalbrookdale for a weekend of fun, relaxation, skyping, blogging and craft.
  6. Watching Downton will it end? Please let M and M get together.
 What have you been doing?


  1. Good to hear from you,Jo....and pleased that you sound so happy.

  2. A brilliant post - so glad to see you back. Really uplifting :0)

  3. Nice to hear from you! Glad it's all going well at work and gym. Sounds like fun!

  4. It's good to see you're blogging again Jo and all is going well for you.

  5. So many times I've nearly phoned or emailed you but I completely failed, I'm sorry :( Been thinking of you loads! Can't wait to see you in a few short weeks xx

  6. I am so thrilled to hear from you today Jo - you sound so happy and positive and that is just wonderful!
    How fantastic you must be feeling, you know, we are going to need some new pics of you now ....

  7. Great to see you blogging again and hearing how you are! I live just up the road from Coalbrookdale so I might just have to see if I can pop down to see you ;-) xx

  8. HooooooooRay! You are Back! I had begun to worry that you had vanished for ever... I am so glad to hear you're enjoying work and having a good time (tho. your facebook status updates did hint at that!!)
    Don't go to Coalbrookdale by the way - or you'll miss us. We will be at COALPORT (down the road!)
    I'm sorting out an e-mail update for all attendees. Any input from you would be welcome (if you have time). I did an "update" post on my blog the other day - did you see?

  9. Great to see you back! And sounding so well too. Can it really be a whole year since the anniversary blog hop? It certainly doesn't feel like it!

  10. Hi Jo

    so glad you are back in the land of blog. sounds like you have been busy

    can't wait to meet you and the others in three weeks time. So looking to it

  11. hurrah you are back! Hope work is going well congrats on weight loss and gym attendance wow! Looking forward to seeing you at the end of the month and I am also loving Downton Abbey shame it is the last one on Sunday where has the time gone??

  12. Many congratulations on all those positive changes and happenings, and looking forwards to meeting you soon! :)

  13. thanks for the check in Jo. Sounds like you're getting healthy, which is great!


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