Monday, 23 January 2012

Miss Smith in da house.............

So I am currently way behind in my homework for the class being run by Miss Smith of Curiouser and Curiouser . If you read her wonderful blog, or even if you don't, you will need to be aware that she is a true school maam of the Maths teaching kind. Now I was terrified of my Maths teacher, not only because I constantly made glaringly obvious mathematical errors in my homework but also because I barely scraped a C in my Maths O' level. In order to be a nurse, I had to be fairly maths proficient and certainly working out medications for tiny baby's does test your maths ALOT. And you're not allowed to use calculators either. Anyway, if you haven't read her blog, it is a treat of crafting goodness and brilliant teaching anecdotes. She will be published I am sure one day on those alone.

So Miss Smith's class is called ''Just One Sketch'' and is running from 15th January for 6 weeks. We get private blog access and posts twice a week during that time. The cost is an amazing £5.00 donation to The Girl Guides Association which as an old girl is a truly worthy cause. So to avoid detention, I am posting my first homework assignment today.

Our first task was to look at our recent scrapbooking layouts to see the key design features we use and what we actually like about the pages. I have actually chosen some recent and couple of older layouts as I wanted some variety to assess, so here are my six made into a collage, most of which you will have seen before...........

In my layouts I tend to use scraplifting from time to time and also my own designs so these are a real mix. Having them laid out like this really helps to highlight some of the key facets of my scrapbooking design and style:

  • I like to have an array of big titles using a mixture of different typography and styles,
  • I love bling, whether that be using pearls or glittery stickers, I have to have them somewhere,
  • I seem to have begun using more paint and misting recently to highlight parts of my layouts, primarily due to a class I took and also the influence of other scrapbookers especially Heidi Swapp and Shimelle Laine,
  • I primarily use one picture although I have on some occasions used more than one, especially when doing a page about a bigger event like S and G's wedding.
  • I like to make some of my own elements such as the flowers and I like using fabrics and ribbon,
  • Sometimes I journal alot but on other occasions I write little or nothing at all,
  • I normally use 12 x 12 paper and cardstock as my size of choice,
  • I usually use layers of patterned paper to highlight my photos,
  • Most of my pages have some kind of distressing and inking on them be that the photo itself, or the patterned papers.

So using these elements, Miss Smith has now challenged us to draw our own sketch, which will form the basis of our class work and the layouts we make. So I'm to find some scrap paper and give it a go. If you fancy joining in Miss Smith is not currently giving out detentions for late attendance.

And here is my sketch:

I have used the design thing from Word 2007 which was quite simple to use. I have kept it simple so I can add things to the page I would like to. The orange shape will be the photo.

By the by, if you are interested in coming along to our second Blog friends weekend away, then hop on over to Lizzie Made for further details of when we are thinking of and where.


  1. I think I'm set for detention..hoping to find time to really think about this very soon. You have certainly done your homework! I enjoyed your analysis of your own style and that glimpse of your lovely pages. Brilliant!

  2. Don't worry Sian, I will be in detention with you. Lol! Jo I love your sketch - can't wait to see your page :)

  3. Great sketch Jo and very interesting to see the key elements that make up your scrapping style.

  4. These are such lovely pages, you should be rewarded rather than punished Jo! I love the colours and how different each LO is. xxx

  5. These are such lovely pages, you should be rewarded rather than punished Jo! I love the colours and how different each LO is. xxx


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