Sunday, 26 February 2012

Collage your home with Gaynor....................

This morning, I bunked off church, I know bad girl, and headed down to one of our two rather fabulous fabric and findings shops, this one being the wonderful Millie Moon. They have a huge range of fabric both here in Wells and in their home store of Frome and put on a variety of classes in sewing, ceramic button making, coffee and sewing days and today I did the ''Collage your home'' class. This was taught by Gaynor, ably assisted by her lovely husband who provided tea and coffee and Dr Who banter.....................well crafting without Dr Who wouldn't be crafting now would it.
So onto the class. Gaynor makes beautiful collages pictures using fabric, papers and trimmings, with applique and embroidery and machine stitching to give them that extra pazzazz.


This is the picture we were all shown as a showcase for the class, and Gaynor talked us through her process.
So me and 2 other lovely crafters Kate and Nicki set to with our paper and pencils to design a collaged picture of our own. The first thing was to draw the size of the aperture in the picture mount so we knew how much room we had to play with and then fill that space with our design. I decided to do mine horizontally rather than landscape and initially my house was based on my grandparent's Victorian vicarage as it had so many happy memories. However sometimes things can be too complex so I went back to a more basic house design.

The next thing to do was to chose three pieces of background material for the sky, mid-ground and grass. Gaynor had choices of material and paper so I went for a velvet sky material, with music paper for my mid-ground and a lemon patterned paper with white floral detail for the grass. This was all stitch or glued onto a piece of watercolour paper.

The next part was choosing materials for the house itslef. I chose a simple brown paper for the house shape, old newspaper for the roof and a patterned paper for the chimneys. The door was from ''Macbeth'' and the windows old railway tickets. Next it was the details. I found an owl which I had to have as my ''thing'' and I cut out some dragonflies and some flowers. There were also polka dot buttons and I used a green fabric to cut out some grass. Once this was all assembled I embroidered on some detailing using satin stitch and chain stitch, including some birds in the sky. I added French knot flowers and the flowers and buttons and dragonflies. I also added some fine ricrac to the roof and some pink pompoms which covered up a mistake I made in the sewing, and here is the final results.

I'm really please with how my picture has turned out.
Here is Kate's picture which has some beautiful detailing...................


 This is Nicki's house. She brought a lovely tag with her to use as a focus from a Paddington Bear which makes up the main body of her house. What a lovely way to use memorabilia.

If you get the chance to do a class give it a go, you never know what skills you'll learn or what amazing projects you'll come away with. Oh MM also have a lush blog so check it out here.


  1. This sounds like such a fun class,Jo....and love your house.

  2. Love these, looks like a great clas - off to check out the blog!

  3. I adore these, and at the moment I'm slightly obsessed fabric collage. I wish I lived closer to attend one of the classes.

  4. Wow, what fun! I really like your landscape version Jo - and I spotted the owl in the corner too!
    The tag picture is cute... and what about that orange paper on the last one - it's the same stuff that I used for your turquoise book... where did they get it, I'm desperate to find more?!
    Glad you had fun today - and now you have something lovely to put on the wall, that will bring back nice memories (of today and of your grandparents' house, even if it's a simplified version). Great results!

  5. What a fun project! It reminds me of the altered house blog hop we had.

  6. All the finished collages look brilliant. What a fun class. I love Millie Moon in Frome, they have so many lovely things in there.

  7. Sounds like a great class. The collages all looks great.

  8. This sounds like a perfect class for me - can you imagine? I could make a whole new blog header! Your piece is beautiful

  9. Lovely work Jo, each time I look at it I see something new. I've been attending a few lessons lately, mainly family learning but its definitely building up my confidence & getting me out, meeting new people.

    You want crowns for your 50th than Kai & I would happily craft them for you, of course yours would have to be the most regal of the lot. Maybe we should all craft crowns at the next meet up :-)

  10. The enjoyment and skill shines through! What a lovely project and class ... will you do more?


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