Monday, 20 February 2012

The Happy Flower.

I have recently been crocheting away making all manner of little things and when the wonderful Lucy  from Attic 24 came through with the tutorial for her Happy flower I had to make one for my lounge.

Now I am not the best crocheter in the world but I thought ''Hey give it a go'' and here is the result.....

I love how all the colours look together. I did my heart slightly differently to Lucy's and also made a 5 pointed flower instead of a circle for the bottom of the ornament. I didn't have funky beads but I loads of pretty buttons so I used those for the centres and to weight the hanging threads. I used embroidery threads for that. The one thing I found hard was the yarn. I used a cotton yarn by Rico but never again for this kind of project. It kept splitting and getting tangled, luckily I am not Mrs Perfection, my feeling is that if it's completely perfect it's not handmade. So I may have to use a more expensive yarn from now on, oh dear the choices one must make in respect of one's craft.

So this is also my Make a month entry for The Felt Fairy's challenge of 2012.

What have you been making this month?


  1. It's turned out beautifully,Jo....I love Lucy's blog as well....and wish I could crochet.

  2. I've been wanting to have a go at this, might have to look out some wool now I've seen yours :)

  3. Oh wow! That is fabulous. It would make a great height chart, or what about doing a sunflower one for the summer? I love it

  4. I have a bin full of projects, so I'm going to join along with the Monthly Make, too.

  5. Oh so lovely and bright! This will cheer up even a dull day - like today, blah... I like how you've used buttons instead of beads - a very personal version of this idea.
    You could try acrylic yarn, instead of cotton. I make stuff with ordinary acrylic chunky stuff or DK. It seems to work fine and doesn't split.
    But the effort was obviously well worth it - what a lovely result, Jo!

  6. I think you have done this beautifully jo!

  7. lovely. I saw your pins for crochet projects on pinterest. I would LOVE to learn to crochet but don't really know where to start! xx

  8. I've not been doing anything as creative as you have! This hangs really nicely with those buttons for balance and weight, and it really colourful!


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