Friday, 24 February 2012

Pretty post..............

Sometimes, you can be having an awful day, and lo and behold someone wonderful sends you something which makes that day slightly better.
This week I have had some very lovely mail. One is from the lovely Furrypig who sent me this gorgeous card with my fave bird on and a lovely note inside with news and apologies about Xmas cards not being sent. Well I didn't send any Xmas cards at all last year cos I got slightly waylaid by other things so I felt bad. Anyway there will have to be a note sent back from me to Furry over the next few days.

 The second parcel, cos it was indeed a pressie, contained this beautiful package........

Inside was this and these..............

There is rather a long tale about said bracelet. It started off it's life in Shropshire at the Blogfriends weekend, where I purchased said bracelet from Clair in aid of a special trip being made abroad to help other people. Unfortunately the bracelet broke just as it was almost completed and Clair needed to make it bigger so she took it back home and I waited. And waited...........................and waited. Then a message came across facebook from Clair wondering if I'd received my bracelet, No said I. So another bracelet was made and sent, after some delays due to a nasty fall for Clair. Said bracelet still didn't arrive so I facebook messaged Clair to let her know. After all this you'd have thought the poor lady would have given in, but nope, there arrived the gorgeous safety pin bead bracelet of my dreams so thanx muchly.
The spare pins are for me to make the bracelet bigger but it fits perfectly so I have another use for those. All I need do is snip the extra elatic Clair left on the bracelet and it will be all ready for me to wear. Here is what it looks like on........................... pretty.
If you go to Clair's blog and look on the right handside of her blog, there is a list of tutorials she has put together and this bracelet is the safety pin and beads tute. Have a go you won't be disappointed.
I have some other things to share with you this weekend but I will leave you with my new reading material, the latest copy of Scrap 365, love..................

Oh before I go I forgot to mention a lovely email I received from Oxfam this week too. I took in a raft of books to our Oxfam bookshop and as I joined their gift aid project, they sent me an email to say I had made them over £27.00 for the charity, just over £5.00 of which was gif taid. Now it may not seem much in the grand scheme of things, but to someone with nothing, £27.00 mean alot. Make sure you gift aid wherever you can if you are a taxpayer.


  1. Looks lovely - I've not seen one of those before. Did not realise you could do that for Oxfam - will have to look into it as I have a few I need to part with. Have a great weekend

  2. glad the owl card arrived. beautiful bracelet looks great on xxx

  3. Great about the Oxfam Gift Aid - that fiver can do a great deal to help one of their programs.

    Lovely card from Furrypig and also from Clair. The bracelet is great - I remember Clair making these in November. I wonder whatever happened to the other two... Have any other items gone missing in the post? - like the diamond ring I sent you (lol!)

    I didn't know Clair had had a fall - is she okay? Oooo...
    And I'm sorry you were having an awful day, before the nice mail arrived to cheer you up. I hope the weekend is a big improvement on your Friday - perhaps more Happy Mail, eh? XX


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