Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A cropping we will go.....................

So this last weekend, I went to my local crop and after cake, coffee and a catch up with my lovely friends, I set to. I had a plan to make several layouts using some of Shimelle's 4 x 6 photo love sketches. This was the class she ran last year once a month. I have found recently several large caches of older photos from trips abroad which seriously needed TLC. Primarily I have been focusing on the trip I made to San Francisco and New Mexico.

I had taken a couple of Shimelle's pdf's with me and knew that I wanted to do one layout of San Francisco images, one of my trip to White Sands National Monument and another one using 5 pictures which I wasn't sure which pictures to use.

So I began making the July 4 x 6 photolove layout however silly old me had printed the pages out wrong and not watched the video before so I got well and truly confused. So this layout I completed this afternoon. I am really pleased with it as it enabled me to use 8 photographs as it incorporates an accordian folded mini album on the layout.

So I watched the video Shimelle had made, there is one for each month of the course, and had my ''Ah hah'' moment realising how the book went together, and completed the layout really quickly.
Here is the booklet openned out at the front.....................

And above is the back of the mini book................................

The next layout I made was using the August layout from 4 x 6 photo love. This includes 8 photos. Now I only had 6 photos so I just adapted my layout accordingly. This layout uses a pocket of patterned paper to store other cards with photos attached.

Here are my two cards, one has 4 photos on and the other has one with journaling on the back...............

And finally I used the May layout with uses 5 photos which are landscape. My photos were however portrait so I adapted the layout. It is a 2 page spread but obviously different to Shimelle's which flows across the page seamlessly. Neverless, after all the learning from Miss Smith's class, I was very pleased with how the pages came together and I feel they still work together quite well.........

Here are the pages together. What do you think?

JoJo xxxxx


  1. Last year I was constantly amazed at how many photos Shimelle could fit on a page, you have done a great job Jo, your layouts are fantastic!

  2. Looks as though you had some fun Jo! Love the mini-book (of course!) and the White Peak page is great - so colourful. What amazing views from the top of Sandia Crest (?) and it looks like a huge forest too.
    Great pages - a good weekend's work!

  3. What a perfect way to scrapbook your travel photos! I;m very envious of your just found cache - wish I had more pictures of exciting adventures!

  4. Great inspiration. I especially like the two page one.


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