Wednesday, 7 March 2012

New class....................

In honour Lizzie who asked what other class/es I had planned, I thought I would provide some answers.
I am in actual fact currently reading ''The Hitchiker's guide to scrapbooking'' over on Two Peas in a Bucket. This is a class written by and led by Shimelle Laine.....................have I honestly done all of her classes? I am sure there is one I need to do still. Anyway, surfice to say Shimelle Laine's classes are brilliant, I can't rate them highly enough. She has a knack of finding a subject and presenting her work and ideas in such a way to really inspire but also innovate as well. I have had the pleasure of meeting Shimelle at to ''live'' classes and she is just the same in the flesh. Very grounded and also petite.

What I really like about this new class is that it is great for newbies and advanced scrapbookers alike. It gives an insight into how Shimelle scrapbooks and how to take ur own style and turn it around into something new. Each chapter of ''The Guide'' is a new idea for example using sketches to scraplift for example. The chapters is a downloadable pdf format so the whole book or five chapters and the extras can be printed off or just saved on computer as a resource. Each chapter has a video to accompany it with Shimelle talking through the subject and incorporating her layouts with a layout produced during the video as well. For $25.00 which is around £12.00 approx. I think it is great value. The best thing is that because it is on Two Peas website, I think you can buy it anytime and have permanent access to the class. The videos are no longer than 30 minutes each and there is a special class forum and challenges too.

I am continuing with my Big Picture year long classes and have a new one starting in a few weeks time. It's called ''The Art of Observation'' with Heidi Swapp. I have completed two previous classes using hybrid scrapbooking techniques with Heidi and Jessica Sprague on Jessica's site. These classes were so beautiful and Heidi is so inspiring in a girly way that I was really encouraged to do this class. Now this one is a wapping $99.00 dollars but the beauty of the exchange rate means the class is less than £60.00 and because I have done several Big picture classes I had saved up several rewards to take off. You see it's like a Boots reward card. Cool idea. So this class starts in April for three months. For this class I need an observation journal so I got one of these books from Paperchase and will be decorating it all pretty and glittery. If you've not seen Heidi's work then watch this.....................

Mistables Scallop Ribbons from Heidi Swapp on Vimeo.

I really love her style and have already learned loads from her previous classes, so I know this class will give me new and exciting skills to use and share here.

So what does the future hold for you, any classes in mind or any new ideas you have for your scrapbooks to challenge and expand your horizons. I'd love to hear.


JoJo xxxxxx


  1. Well, just now it's me that's teaching classes! I'm about to submit two for the Summer Term, probably Sock Creatures (again) and maybe some sort of books (still waiting to hear what they want). I'll also be teaching a "Craft a Traditional Album" workshop day at the local quilting and sewing shop. We'll make a photo album with a fabric cover. Should be fun.
    I will be going on a workshop myself soon. In April I'm going back to Knuston Hall, to do a one-day bookbinding workshop. We'll make a leather-covered longstitch-bound book. I'm excited to do that one.
    I might be able to sort out a printmaking course somewhere, sometime (!), but not sure.
    And I may be going back to Spain... perhaps October, but still to be sorted out, so details will follow (if it happens).
    Have fun with your Shimelle course, Jo. It sounds fun!

  2. I could definitely do with fitting in a couple of technique-ey classes, but finding the time is tricky. Enjoy the Shimelle class. Of course you will!

  3. Thanks for the reviews - haven't heard much from anyone else about the Shimelle class, so I find it very interesting. Maybe I'll pick it up in the summer. . .

  4. Good to read reviews from someone who is actually taking the classes, and glad you are enjoying them. I'm not sure where I'd fit some more in .. I'm in the middle of paint at present!

  5. Sounds like loads of fun, I have just been to a Tim Holtz inspired class today funny enough and had a lovely play, thanks for the info regarding classes, take care, Doreen x


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