Wednesday 29 August 2012

I'm in the Team.

Thank you all so much for the lovely button comments, it was fun to make them.

Today I am slightly more serious but excited as I received my new team colours in the post. Some of you may already be part of this amazing team of international bloggers, family and friends who support a very special young lady. Her name is Marti and she is the mum of the amazing Deb.

Back in 2011, Marti was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and she has been receiving treatment for her condition for the past 18 months. Some days are good, others are bad, but one of the things Deb and her family wanted to do was raise awareness of her mum's illness and encourage people to support her and her family. Deb organised for some special wristbands to be made and thus began Team Teal, a group of individuals who wear their wristband with pride and who through their blogging and snail mail ensure an ongoing stream of love and encouragement for Marti from all the corners of the globe.

Well, today I am officially inaugurated into that special team as I received my wristband and a lovely letter from Deb. I will be wearing my wristband with pride and whenever someone asks what it is for I can tell them.

 The wording on the wristband says ''No one fights alone''.............

As you know, I try here to talk about some of my own health issues so am as supportive as I can be when other people are going through struggles of their own. Please pop over to Deb's blog, which is lovely, and you can read more about Team Teal and her mum.

Here's wishing Marti well today and for many more days to come xxxxx


  1. Great to see you in Team Teal, Jo :)

  2. Jo! Thank you SO much for this amazing message you have posted here. I just can't tell you how much it is appreciated! Thanks also for the lovely email you sent, as well as the kindness you have shown by supporting Team Teal, and ultimately, my mother. I am so very grateful!!! xo

  3. Sending lots of warm good wishes you and Debs and Marti, and amazed again at how wonderful the Internet is...

  4. So nicely put Jo. Here's hoping today Marti has a good day

  5. JO,
    you are an angel . . . an angel in teal.

  6. I'm sure Deb will appreciate you ever so much x

  7. Thanks for being on my team! The love, support and prayers I've received has been amazing and I cherish each and every one of you members. Thanks, Jo, for taking the time to think of me!

    With gratefulness and love,


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