Wednesday, 5 September 2012

LSNED 2012 - making a minibook 2

Hi there and at last I am feeling less Bipolar, well at least enough to write a post and put up pictures of my minibook made for LSNED which began a few days ago.

 So these are the inner sides of the chipboard covers which I painted white.

 These are some of my cardstock/patterned paper pages which are cut to 5 x 5 inches square to fit into the book.

 I painted some of the wood letters crimson to spell out the title and then when they were dry rubbed gilt paint onto them.

 I had a few luggage tags so decorated a few ready for the album. This one was stamped using a musical stamp onto a tag which had been distressed with Tim Holtz distress inks in red.

 This is actually one of the first pages you come to. I designed it to look like a Scrabble game or crossword of the aims I hope to achieve during the month. The camera stamp is one I have used alot before from Amy Tangerine.

 I thought some of the cardstock was a bit boring so I used a Tim Holtz alphabet mask and some mist to make some alphabet papers. Strangely Glitter Girl has done a video about using masks in scrapbooking today.

 This tag was made to decorate an envelope.

 Another first page inside the book.

 You wil note that the back cover is stamped and signed however it has different paper on it. I had a slight disaster so the owl paper went and the ABC is now the main covers.
Below is a wooden owl I found to compensate for the lack of owl paper which is painted crimson and then I used some distress crackle paint and the gilt paint.

 This is the inside of the back cover where I have made room for the final thoughts after the end of the class.


  1. Wow Jo! You have put so much work into this! I love the detail and the little owl. Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better.

  2. Good to hear that you are feeling better and getting crafty. I may have to take mine to the crop at the weekend to get going :0)

  3. Love it, Jo :) Hope the improvement continues xx

  4. Wow - these are really fantastic pages.

  5. It's looking really good Jo. I hope you'll be feeling up to showing us some of the filled up pages as we go through the month

  6. Great book Jo, I hope it helps during the next few weeks as we reflect on various lessons.


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