Friday, 5 October 2012

The corsage

So just a brief post today. Have been to the Drs to have bloods and things checked as he wanted to make sure my Lithium wasn't poisoning me. As I haven't had a phone call so far, I am assuming all is fine and it is only my silly inner ears which is making me giddy and sick.

Anyway, I forgot to show you what I made for my sister's birthday present. I had seen a similar item in ''East'' a very lovely lady's shop in Wells and also nationally. I wanted to get this for my sister however, it was rather expensive and also I thought I could make one in colours she might prefer and as it would be handmade, no-one would have one the same.

So I bought three different colours of felt in aubergine, fuschia and grey and also used the red felt I made last year. The centre is a felt rose which you make just the same way as for a paper rose. Cut out a circle of felt and them cut it into a spiral shape. I cut mine so that there would be petal shapes on the spiral. Then roll the felt into a rose shape and stitch neatly together. The next layer is the leaf shapes. Some are stitched straight on and others folded in half to give depth.I then had some fine brown velvet ribbon which I made into loops and stitched underneath and some thin loops of felt. Finally there is a layer of long thin leaves in the three main colours. I completed the corsage with a glass button which I stitched into the centre of the rose and then finished off with a brooch clip. The actual size is about the same as my hand. I hope my sister wears thin on her wonderful black winter coat.

Here is the finished corsage photographed my my sister as I forgot to do that bit.............silly blogger.


  1. ooh love that corsage! You are very clever!

  2. Oh Jo, this is *gorgeous!* You clever thing, you :)

    I hope you feel better soon xx

  3. That will really "pop" on a black coat. Great color choices.

  4. Oh that's lovely Jo. Great colours and perfect to jazz up a coat.

  5. Beautiful corsage, I bet your sister wears it with pride! x


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