Thursday, 4 October 2012

Learn Something New Everyday 2012 - part 1.

Thank you so much for the lovely comments about the curtains. I loved making them. So today I am going share with you some of the pages from my LSNED 2012 mini-album. I showed you the pages I had premade so it's only fair to show some complete pages too. Now I tend to do some pages from my personal learning and also from Shimelle's prompts but they are not always in order so if you have seen other people's posts, these may be completely off kilter. But there you go.

Here is the full front cover and the inside introductory page.................

 One of Shimelle's prompts was to think about your biggest adventure and I honestly felt I still am having an adventure in my life ................

Another prompt was about feet. Well mine are vile so I thought I would use a quote from a famous religious piece about footsteps instead. The feet are actually a punch.

 I love quotes and so I used this one to highlight what the month and book were about.

 This page is all about September's 10 on the tenth.

The above is a page about teachers. As this is a bit more personal I made a half hidden tag to journal my thoughts on.
Another prompt asked us to think about time. My friend and I had been reading poetry and I love W. H. Auden so chose an excerpt from ''Funeral Blues'' which is both poignant and timely.........

 I found this quote on a site I follow and loved it's ethos.....................''Every artist was once an amateur''. I talked about my learning to crochet a flower cushion.
 This one was a random prompt as it talked about things we use to remember. I immediately though of the one mnemonic I know from physics...............

The photos above and below are a double pager where I talked about my undying love for Dr Who. The little cards are weekly app cards which Starbucks put out........

This page was just a quick comment on Bipolar, just when u think u know your disease it punches you in the face...........

 The pages above and below are again linked. I was clearing out some things one day and found a sticky note my friend had left on some scrapbooking supplies she bought me. I wanted to celebrate what she said and keep it safe.

 This page is a simple comment about how much I love Codeword puzzles. In these puzzles, you are given a blank crossword with 2-3 letters inserted. The game is to fill in the crossword from those few letters and complete it.

The above page talks about the fact I received a small tax rebate when I thought I had no money left..........

Here is my page about my new skills I want to learn................

 The above page is about how I can be taken for a ride sometimes because I'm too soft and nice, but how if I was different I wouldnt be me.

And this page explores my friendship with a new friend who just makes me laugh so hard I could cry....

Hope you enjoy some of my pages. I am recovering from labyrinthitis and feeling sickly at the mo.


  1. Jo, this is lovely! A really fun book, filled with lessons big and small :)

    PS Can't wait till March!!

  2. I love the variety of embellishments in your journal.

  3. Hope you feel better soon!

    your journal is fabulous: definitely one of those ones you'll want to page through in years to come

  4. Love all the details on your pages. My one and only completed LSNED book is one of my most favourite creations

  5. your book is super..and lovely memories to have. Hope you are feeling better x


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