Monday 1 October 2012

Tiger, Tiger burning bright..................

Well not so much a tiger I'm afraid as a variety of other jungle animals. I thought I ought to post about the curtains I decorated for my lovely friend's Nicki and John and their new baby H. Now to say she is new is slightly wrong as H is now almost 6 months old! Whoops. Anyway, way back before she was born, Nicki asked me to help her make some jungle animals in order to decorate the orange curtains she was repurposing for H's room.

So one sunny day we both sat outside in Nicki's garden crafting and eating yummy food. And these are the resultant curtains.......................

The idea was to have day and night in the jungle/African tranvaal as Nicki is South African and wanted lots of bright colours. I started off with the idea for the owl and Nicki made the rhino and elephant but then H came early so I completed the curtains as a pair.
Much of the tree and leaf design is my own but when it came to owls I sought inspiration from this book ''Super Cute Felt'' by Laura Howard. I have followed her blog and bought a few individual pieces and love her simple, yet personal style. The owl design is from an egg cosy. All I did was to make the owls super bright in colour and then coloured ricrac across their breasts. I thought a mummy and baby owl would be quite appropriate. I added in a big moon to set the scene.

 The designs for this curtain were from Laura's book again, at least Mr Lion is. He was originally designed to be a mug/coffee warmer but he was so perfect for the curtain, I used him alone. I then added the tree to give the animals a true-to-life background and added tufts of grass and a pond with huge splashes for Mr Hippo jumping in.
Nicki and John were really pleased with the finished curtains and I hope when she is old enough H will be too.


  1. This turned out great, Jo! It's always so lovely seeing what people have been using the designs in my book for, thanks for letting me know x

  2. Those are fabulous! And they will take him right through toddlerhood! Love the ric-rac.

  3. Jo, you are so talented! They definitely have that Savannah feel to them, reminds me somewhat of tinga tales (cartoon on cbeebies)

  4. Just wonderfully rich and vibrant! I am sure they will be treasured for years to come.

  5. Popping over to say Hi Jo! and how much I love those curtains. They certainly are cheerful, just the thing to wake up to on a dull winter day.

  6. They're gorgeous! Heirlooms, I'd say

  7. Hi Jo....looking forward to meeting you at the Blogger's weekend in March- we should probably have bumped into each other before in Blogland..glad we've done so now..and I love those curtains!
    Alison xx


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