Monday, 27 May 2013

Everything stops for tea x

Hello and welcome to a post linking up with the lovely Abi who on the 27th of each month invites us all for tea. Well today is the perfect day here in the UK as it is a public holiday. Usually that means it rains but I hope not  today as it the South Horrington fete.

So do come in and take the weight off for a while and I'll put my shoes on and we can walk around to the front of the building where on the cricket pitch and pavilion there are lots of stalls, a big BBQ, plants, and games.

If we're really lucky we'll spy some of friends and neighbours and I'll introduce you to them as we walk around. We might be lucky enough to see the pets children have brought for the competition. I would have brought Willow but she's far to precocious. We would walk around and look at the stalls, if we're lucky we'd get the chance to make a willow butterfly like last year, for a £1.00 which is a bargain. We would be able to see lots of beautiful plants for hanging baskets and pots, and if you garden you might buy some. We might also see some handmade crafts and stop to explore. In the background we'd hear the jazz musicians playing and stop to listen, before going for some tea and cake. Maybe even a burger from the BBQ.

We might stop and watch the children learning how to play cricket and see whose pet won the competition. Then we'd stroll back to my flat where we would sit and have a long chat. I would probably tell I have been feeling better for a couple of weeks again and that my mood seems slightly more stable. I might show you the theatre programmes for Rocky Horror which we would laugh at and the ballet which we would ooh and ahh at. I might even show my costume I made to be Magenta at RH.

 I would show you the lovely happy mail I received from Lizzie last week, she's such a sweetie and so clever. I received a lovely multi-coloured book with a beautiful owl bead bookmark attached, a handmade stamp of an owl and my nickname and the lovely heart with an owl motif.

I would tell you about the excitement there is around the safe arrival of seven cygnets on the Bishop's Palace Moat. Wynn and Brynn are proudly showing them off although there is much hissing and chasing away of unwanted duck friends. If you look closely you can just see a swan hiding under the parent's left wing. There are definately seven because I counted them yesterday whilst taking a huge number of closeups for posterity.

I would show you the patchwork quilt I have made, more like a lap quilt really, and I might show you the Youtube site I found which showed me how to make it. I might tell you about the book I am reading at the moment and show you the pile I have still to read.


 I would make us more tea and maybe some cake, if I've managed to the Hummingbird cake Deb told us about on her blog last week. We would then sit and drink our tea and I would listen as you told me all the news about yourself and your family. I would smile as you told me the funny stories and cherish your honesty in sharing the ups and downs of life.

All too soon it would be time for you to leave and I give you a hug and wish you a safe journey home. We would plan to talk soon and meet even sooner because we are friends and I love to see my friends.


  1. That was a lovely visit and as the sun is shining here I'm sure we had a lovely time. I'd be telling you about the busy weekend we have had celebrating my daughter's 16th birthday. Enjoy the day x

  2. Great to catch up with your news. I'm loving seeing all the Happy Mail that it arriving this week, aren't bloggers great?
    Those cygnets are just too cute for words.
    I'll be joining in a little later today!

  3. What fun happy mail! I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better and we definitely need a peek at that quilt! Thank you so much for joining in Jo! xx

  4. Ah, then I'd be able to tell you all about TTO who is coaching an under-nines team and about how he is having to pick his team for their first match this week! (and I might have a little moan about our's hailstoning..)

  5. This feels like the luxury of a whole afternoon with you, not just a cup of tea! I'd love to see those cygnets, admire your quilt and natter about books with you :). What a lovely visit ...

  6. Hi Jo!! Nice blog : ) speak soon

  7. It's lovely to hear chat you've been feeling a bit better...and I am CERTAIN I would have bought some plants (forgetting that I would then have to work out a way to get them home!)
    Alison xx

  8. Oh I've had just the most lovely of visits, thank you for making me feel so welcome

  9. Oh lots of lovely happenings going on here. I am curious as to why you have two copies of the Lifeboat.

  10. Thanks for the coffee, love the happy mail, especially the owl


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