Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Look up, look down x

This week I spent a couple of lovely days with my good friend Alan. We worked out we've been friends for about 7-8 years and in that time he's seen me pretty ill and also very well. Anyway we went out for some supper the first night and while out I took these pictures:

If you'd looked down in the high street you'd have seen this rather intriguing artwork................hmm curiouser and curiouser.

If you'd looked down at my plate you'd have spied scallops and they were yummy............

If you'd looked up you would have seen the beautiful sailing boats in the marina and the sun beginning to set. You might also have seen the ferry taking people to the Isle of Wight. You would also have seen millions of blackheaded gulls.................

The following evening if you had looked up you would have seen me all dressed up and wearing a rather interesting outfit. Clue: take a jump to the left and then step to the right!...............
And all homemade.

I then got home the following day and had an unfortunate accident in my kitchen which if you looked down the next day looked a bit broken, thankfully it wasn't but it's still sore and sprained. Ouch!


  1. Were you looking for Riff Raff in that outfit!!!

  2. Great photos, except for the painful finger one! I love that marina, makes me want to go and live by the coast.

  3. looks like a fabulous time - until the last one - hope you fingers are feeling better

  4. So sorry to see the fingers - that looks painful :(. But lovely to see the rest! We're you dancing? The marina photo s stunning ....

  5. Looks like a very enjoyable couple of days. Hope the show was huge fun!
    Sending warm wishes to your poorly finger - I hope it's beginning to improve. Do you have any arnica cream - its very effective for bruising & sprains (try holland & Barrett or the alternative meds shelf in boots) xxx

  6. Ooh, sorry to hear about the finger! Hope it feels better soon. You tell a good story with your "look up, look down"

  7. The photos were all lovely until that sore looking one of your hand. Hope it's feeling better now

  8. Hope that finger is on the mend..lovely set of pics!(except the final one of course!!)
    Alison xx


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