Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sian's swap parcel

Hi and welcome to a post linked into Sian's swap: The great big swap of small things. A few weeks ago, Sian blogged her idea for hosting a swap and invited bloggers to email her their details and she would link all the participants together and send us a named person to shop stash and make a small parcel of goodies to send to that individual.

Well mine came from the marvellous Deb in the USA and it arrived on Saturday.

Here is what I got................

I love all the little pieces and the thought that Deb went into to choose some things that are very me and also some things which are a bit different. Of course there had to be the ubiquitous turtles which are cute and will be used for something amazing.

I was so very lucky to get some lovely italic style letter stamps. Debs must have routed through some stuff to find the 2 ''J's'' on the cards at the top. I adore buttons and these are love bright, cheerful colours. The little minibook is perfect for some teeny tiny photos and I can't wait to open the bloom cards. The little journalling cards and tickets are just the ticket.

So did any of you take part and if so what did your small parcel contain?


  1. Hooray! I'm so pleased that you liked everything, Jo. :o) After I put your little package in the mail I kept finding other things and thinking I should have included those too! Haha. It could be never ending!

    Anyway, I'm glad you liked your bits and pieces. Enjoy! xo

  2. It's so mich fun to see what is being received with this swap! Deb's put so much thought into your things.

  3. I sent mine off, but since it's heading overseas, it may take a while to get there. Looking forward to what I receive, but mainly I had fun putting the parcel together.

  4. What a lovely selection..and you have presented it so nicely too. Makes me want to dive right in! It's very exciting seeing the parcels begin to arrive

  5. How lovely! Lots of pretty things and looking forward to seeing some of them pop up on your pages or cards ...

  6. You've been spammed Jo-Jo - see above comment!

  7. Love the little package from Deb - especially the "J"s and the turtles! I bet you'll have a great time playing with this little stash-pile. X

  8. It looks like lots of thought went into that envelope! This swap has been so much fun.

  9. Wow, didn't you do well! You were very lucky. My parcel is going to Deb's and I hope she likes it as much you like yours (and I like yours!)


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