Thursday, 4 July 2013

Break it down: week 2 x

So I have now managed to complete the second challenge set by Shimelle in her new free class.

Week 2 began with thinking about a conversation we wanted to record. Strangely, I knew exactly which one as it only recently happened. I have already shared with you the work that my friend Ronnie Kroell is undertaking in the States to try and end bullying. Well our friendship began with me making a very small donation to Friend Movement because I was bullied for 6 years as a teenager and on other occasions as an adult too. I began sending supportive tweets and emails and then before I knew it we were chatting on Facebook and talking like old acquaintances., until suddenly I felt that we had reached a point where the space between us both socially and logistically didn't matter anymore. I felt like he was my friend so I said so and miracle or miracles he agreed. So I wanted to record that fact and to remember what a special moment that was for me. Because making a new friend is one of the most perfect events you can ever experience no matter who they are or where they live.

So here is my layout:

Shimelle told us to just go get the paper we liked and go form there so I found a vintage graph paper with a little embellishment in one corner, some purple polka dots, a purple circle transparency and a page from a book. I wanted to use the purple paper as that is the primary colour of Friend Movement and I wanted to show that somehow. I simply layered up the papers first leaving room at the bottom of the main paper for the story. Next I chose the pictures, as we've never met I obviously don't have any personal photos so had to pick one he'd shared on Facebook. Ronnie just looks so happy and relaxed in this picture I thought it was perfect and the only decent recent picture of me is from Christmas so I chose that.

Shimelle also wanted us to use small stamps to highlight important elements so I chose one by Elise Cripe with a heart on arrows and then a He said she said words quote along with some heart and stars.
I also chose a small camera stamp which I coloured purple and used some purple pearls. Like my previous layout I found a great Polaroid frame which said Friendship which I used to highlight Ronnie's profile. He has such a beautiful smile hence why he is such an amazing model. I mean wouldn't you buy what he was selling?

Here are some close ups of the little elements and stamping I used. I used alot of wood veneers on this layout. I loved the speech bubbles to illustrate our conversation and the title letters are also wooden. I added some iridescent glitter to these and the heart which began as bright red and didn't fit.

For the conversation itself, I copied the Facebook chat into Word and altered the type to Travelling Typewriter then printed it onto cardstock and cut it out. Finally I found a flocked quotes which reads............

''A friend is someone who knows the song of your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words''



  1. Your page is clearly very special, and your quote is one I like very much - and that little 'he'said/she said' tag is a perfect summary of how you got to be such friends.

    1. Thank you Alexa, coming from you that means alot
      Jo x

  2. What a lovely story - thanks for sharing! I agree that there is nothing like making a new friend and I've been lucky enough to meet some lovely people on the internet too :) xx

    1. Hey Sinead, friends are the best and blog friends are equally awesome,
      Jo xx

  3. That's a lovely layout Jo, I love all the little details :)

  4. That's an awesome story Jo. I love the layout you have made to commemorate it. Internet friends are great!

  5. It's a beautiful page with something very important to say. I like it a lot.

  6. I think you're doing a great job with the Shimelle class! I hadn't heard about it, and I'm really enjoying your layotus and thought process.


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