Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Break it down week 5 x

Wow week 5 already and by the time you read it class will be over. Anyway I have really loved doing Shimelle's free class, it has made me consider my photographs and stories in a different way.

So week 5 challenged you to find a picture of people where they were ''in action''. Shimelle gave us free reign on that part but gave some great ideas. I knew from the minute she said couple and action the exact picture I wanted to scrapbook. It is not my picture, it is copyrighted to Friend Movement and their photographer Ryan Forbes, however it is truly a couple of friends taking action in the antibullying project.

So after months of tweeting and chatting this finally hit the Internet and loads of media outlets in the USA last month. The picture of my friend Ronnie and his friend Elliot as co-founders of Friend Movement is very powerful and some people have taken quite a stance against their use of what in America is called ''giving the bird''. In the UK we are more straighforward and give it a different name. I for one think it is a very powerful photograph and gets people talking. Anyway this is really about the layout itself so I'll get right back to that.

Because the guys are standing in front of a red backdrop and are wearing very neutral colours, I chose to stay with those so I used a red polka dot paper as a framing piece but used greys, black and off-white. I purposely made the photograph big because it is after all the focus of the layout.

Shimelle's next challenge was the title which she suggested should be a word ie girl/boy and then what was happening. Because Ronnie and Elliot started as friends and because the whole premise of Friend Movement is the word ''Friend'' I chose that as my key word and then added ''get proactive'' to complete the title. We were also encouraged to use washi tape behind the title and in other key places.

For the embeliishments I stuck with the colour scheme of red, black and grey and found some Jenni Bowlin tags, an old red label, some Studio Calico cameras and some old stickers to make my embellishment points. As the campaign at present is about getting the image and the celebrity photographs into the public domain, I found some camera words too. Then comes the bird image. Because in the USA this blurred image is called ''Giving the bird'' I emulated that by using a bird stamped image the label above had a bird on it too.

For the journalling, Shimelle gave us the challenge to write sentences using that one word to begin each one. So I chose Friends and friend. I asked Ronnie for his input and so the first few sentences are his and I then added my writing using some of the key concepts from the campaign. I used some Jenni Bowlin stars in red as bullet points and to bring some more colour into the piece.

I hope you enjoy learning about my process for this layout and that perhaps you might go and find out about Friend Movement for yourselves. This lovely layout is going to it's new home in the Friend Movement office in LA. How exciting. x


  1. Your page just beams with the meaning this movement and these friends have for you :). That clustering of little bits above and below the photo really pulls the colours together.

  2. I love this layout! The journalling, design and colours are fabulous. I'm a primary school teacher so I know only too well how bullying can be a problem, so I love the idea of the Friend Movement. Great work :) xx


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