Wednesday 17 July 2013

Look up, look down x

Hello and welcome to this week's edition of Helena's photographic phenomenon ''Look up, look down''. So last week the parents came to visit and we had tea on the lawn, well it's more a grassy knoll in the middle of the car park outside my flat.

If you looked down you would have seen the lovely pot of tea and my gorgeous tea cosy keeping the tea warm................

this is my dad pulling a silly face, he never smiles normally for photos,

and here is my mum looking ultra glamorous as always...........

If you looked up while I trying to be uber clever with my photography, you'd have seen the tomato plants my dad brought over for me laden with lovely fruit, and oops my ponytail got in the way

And if you had looked down there would have been my Persian Willow disgracing me with her impersonation of a broom and covered in leaves................hula skirt anyone?

What has made you look up and down this week?


  1. there is something so lovely about taking a cuppa outside - great shots

  2. I love 'Look Up, Look Down', it always makes for such an interesting collection of shots! Love the last picture Jo! :) x

  3. Your clutch of photos just speeds relaxation and enjoyment with let's :). Good so hear your contentment.

  4. Yea tomatoes! LOL! This is such a nice peek into your everyday.


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