Friday, 27 September 2013

Time for tea x

Hello and do come in for a lovely cup of tea. Today we are joining Abi in here monthly meme where we share a cuppa and stories of life, the universe and everything, sorry Mr Adams I couldn't help myself.

So this month I am obviously at home. If you come to my door you might notice a slight chill in the air and the feel of Autumnal sunshine on your back. You may here the sound of babies cooing  as we have 2 newish arrivals here. There has been alot of change as many residents have moved to new homes far away. The environment here in South Horrington has changed too as the the autumn nature changes have begun, in fact before we have a cuppa, why don't we go for a walk?

we might spy this naughty kitty as we leave

 ooh anyone want to play conkers?

is that a dragonfly or a damsel fly?

 fancy scuffing through the leaves?

yummy blackberries 

When we come back I would put the kettle on and we would sit and sip our tea while chatting over some yummy carrot cake. I love carrot cake. I would ask how you have been and what you have been doing with yourself. I would tell you I am feeling a little better although I can begin to feel the autumnal changes in my mood and could be heading for a period of depression again. I would show my special lamp which I have to sit by to help prevent this from happening. I would offer you another cup of tea and more cake and maybe tell you about the exciting news my friend Elliot and Ronnie will be sharing today. They are going to be doing a 921 mile walk to raise awreness of bullying which will take them from Chicago to New York. I would tell you how very inspiring they both are and how very proud I am of what they are going to do in just 29 days.

I would tell of my secret project which I will be doing for them shhhhhhhhhh. Don't say a word. I might show you some of the lists I have been doing for 30 days of lists and the big mess of stuff in my craft room I really need to sort out. I mean it looks bad at the moment, anyone fancy coming to aid me? I would get excited by the projects you have been working on and listen with awe at the number of pieces of work you have completed and of the classes you are doing.

I would ask how your family are all doing and tell you I will be seeing my sister this weekend for her early birthday celebrations. I might share that we are going to see the musical Cats as part of her Xmas gift to me from last year and that I can't wait to see this show again. I last saw it 20 years ago on Broadway with my friend Louise. I would tell you how excited I am to be seeing my friend Luke next month when he comes to visit me. We haven't seen each other in 2 years so it'll be amazing.

I might share with you that some of my fave programmes are back on TV like Downton Abbey and Whitechapel, and that I have been catching up on some old movies I love like Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn. Ah the joys of Autumn. I would say how excited I am for the 50th anniversary of Dr Who and how we are looking forward to another 50th next March when my parents will celebrate their Golden wedding anniversary.

By this time it will be almost time for you to leave for your journey home. I would hold you close and say how much fun I have had and how lovely it is to see you again. As I walk you to your car, I would hand you a piece of cake for your journey and wish a safe trip home and hope to see you again very soon.


  1. I'm delighted to be able to drop in on you today, because it's been in my head to email you and see what you've been up to! It sounds like you have some good stuff to think about. That Whitechapel is great, but spooky, isn't it? I can't see that detective without thinking of him in "Bleak House" doing "shake me up".

    Same time next month, if not before?

  2. So so good to catch up with you over tea Jo. The photos are beautiful and i can just imagine crunching through the leaves! I hope you are moving into a period of feeling better. I too am loving what is on tv at the moment. I really enjoy Downton as well as The great british bake off! I hope call the midwife will be back on soon too as well as sherlock at some point! Thank you for joining in this month!

  3. thanks for the lovely carrot cake and chat. What lovely rosehips, apples and berries you have nearby

  4. What a great catch up and I would love to scuff those leaves. I love the autumn, the textures and colours and Downton too. Your friends certainly have a wonderful project on.

  5. Thank you for sharing this beautiful English autumn, I do miss the colours from over there at this time of year, although we are just heading into spring/summer and I wouldn't miss that for anything either.
    Thanks for sharing with me

  6. I'm so pleased you invited us round Jo, and whilst it hasn't been plain sailing since we last 'met' it's good to hear that you are enjoying the early autumn walks and tv programmes. I had a conker drop on the roof of my car last week as I was waiting at red traffic lights and I thought that must be a sign that it is officially autumn!

  7. Lovely to catch up with you Jo! Those autumnal photos are just gorgeous, and I agree that autumn TV is the best - Downton and the Bake Off are my favourites :D Sending positive thoughts your way that you feel really well soon xx


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