Sunday, 1 December 2013

Storytelling Sunday ~ Precious at Christmas x

Hello and Happy Advent Sunday to you all. It is the first of December and time for the final Storytelling Sunday for 2013. Gosh this year has flown by. Thank you to Sian again for being our curator and motivator over another year of monthly storytelling. I wonder what 2014 will bring.

This years theme if you have never visited before has been things which are precious to us. So far this year I have shared pearls, charms, a clown brooch, owls and 11 other wonderfully precious things to me. This month, as it is December, I am sharing some things which are precious to me at Christmas.

Firstly, I love decorating for Christmas. I love finding all my old ornaments, choosing a new one every year to add to my collection and then arranging the tree with carols playing in the background. It really does bring a smile to my face. This ornament is from Paris and it was bought in 2000. As a family, we had gone to Paris to see my godmother singing in an opera and during the day, my parents and I went to Notre Dame. It is a wonderful place to be and just outside was a lovely shop full of plants, and decorations. I saw this and immediately fell in love. It has the whole skyline of Paris on it in relief and as a memento of that trip and for Christmas was perfect. It is quite large and hangs well down on the small tree I have. Unwrapping it from the tissue paper and bubble wrap each year, reminds me of our trip and it always makes me smile.

Secondly, snowglobes. Yes this is a very special one because it has the Nativity as it's focus and it also plays music. I love snowglobes. Whenever I see one in a shop you can guarantee I will be shaking it and going ''Oooh'' just like a child again. I love the way the snow or glitter swirls magically around the figures inside.

A proper Nativity scene to remind us all of the central story of Christmas when Jesus was born. As a Christian, this story and the central themes of love are where we try to focus our attention. Being brought up in this fashion has shaped me in so many amazing ways. To have Christmas without that would be very strange indeed. This is my parent's display. It is my dad's job every year to bring out the figures and the stable and to make it into a central position of devotion in their entrance hall. When we were little, my sister and I would help him a little but it has always been his job.

Family. Here is my family, we look small but there is so much love there it makes you feel big. Our family will be divided, as always, this Christmas as my sister's partner travels abroad to visit his son and his family. Our small foursome will still gather at their home and we will Skype. The joys of modern technology. We will think of all our extended family who have passed on and celebrate the life we have and continue to enjoy.

And finally I will remember that I am precious, to my family and friends. It has been another tough year healthwise and at such times, we forget how important our health is. I know how much my family support and love me despite my problems and I am ever grateful for their love. It is also a special family time for me as it is my birthday on Christmas Eve so I was kind a gift at Christmas myself. Quite whether my poor mum felt that way immediately after I was born is another matter, but I do feel precious in my parent's eyes. So I am thankful for being in this world even if sometimes I find it a struggle.

Finally I would like to wish everyone who has joined in on Storytelling Sunday this year, either by visiting, commenting or posting yourselves. It has been a wonderful year for telling stories again. I wish everyone a blessed Christmas wherever you are. I will be Journalling my Christmas again this year so watch out for posts based on my exploits. Do try and read some more tales, they are so worth the time.


  1. Jo, you have said it perfectly. I can't thank everyone enough for grabbing onto the idea and for sharing little bits of their lives of a Sunday. It has been a privilege to be part of it..

    ..and you have been a precious part of that community, for sure. I hope you know that I appreciate your posting every Storytelling Sunday, even if you haven't been posting regularly for the rest of the month. It hasn't gone unnoticed X Thank you.

  2. Jo, this is a beautiful collection of thoughts to finish up the year!

  3. What a rich treasure trove this post is - and so glad you included the gift of yourself to us in it too :).

  4. A perfect post to round off a year of precious things.

  5. This is a really beautiful post, I hope that 2014 is so much better for you x

  6. What a beautiful post Jo! I love what you had to say about family and friends. I have collected ornaments for years, and I love the memories they bring back.


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