Saturday, 4 January 2014

A good book x

So last year I set myself the challenge of reading 50 books in the year and after much reading ended with the grand total of 59 books completed. I thought that was pretty good going. So this year I have set myself the challenge to read 60 books in a year.

Within that 60 I felt it would be a good idea to set myself some actual book reading goals too. I mean I mostly read crimes, thrillers and the odd classic novel so felt it would be a good idea to consider diversifying some of my books to move out of my comfort zone. So I have come up with a fairly flexible plan, I hope, which will encourgae me to read some different genres of book:

  • Read Game of Thrones................ok I might be a little late to the whole fantasy genre, if that's correct, but I would really like to read this book.
  • Read something a bit more deep and meaningful like a book on philosophy, whether I'll achieve that is another matter but I'll give it a go. I am also not a great autobiography reader but have several on Thomas Hardy, The Brontes, Charles Dickens and Beatrix Potter I should read.

  • I would like to read some more Arthur Conan Doyle books. I know yes I love Sherlock but this author had a big part in my role in helping my dad's recovery when he was ill several years ago. I used to sit and read ''The Hound of the Baskervilles'' to him.
  • Read some new authors I've never tried before and also read some books by authors I love. I love Thomas Hardy but there are lots of his books I haven't read, Agatha Christie is another fave. And yes I know she is crime but I need some stability. I have been encouraged to read some books by Patrick Ness who I have never read before and Neil Gaiman.
  • Try not to buy new books but read those on my shelves, because there are ALOT and I should try to read books from charity shops too. I should also use my Kindle app more to save some trees so I'll try that.
  • As it is 100 years this year since the beginning of the First World War, I would like to reread some of my Vera Brittain books. Her accounts of living through the war and working as a VAD nurse are incredibly moving and show a different side to the experience of that time. 
  • On the crime fiction front, I know, I am on the 3rd book in a series on novels by Mo Hayder who's detective Jack Caffery is the main character. I am loving them as the first two books were set in London and now Jack is working in Bristol so I recognise the places he goes to.

It's certainly going to be a reading year. What plans do you have for any reading? Are you challenging yourselves this year or, like me, do you have reams of unread shelves of lovely books just waiting to be picked? Whatever your reading plans do let me know.


  1. 60 in a year? Wow! I have phases where I read one book after another after another and then have a month where I don't read one at all. Having my kindle has meant that I have discovered a lot of books I wouldn't otherwise have heard of (I'm always on the look out for free or 99p ones!) You seem to have a good selection here, I look forward to reading your reviews!

  2. You've certainly set yourself an impressive goal but seeing how well you did last year I don't think it will be a problem

  3. Congrats on 59 and good luck with 60. I'm shooting for 50, that's double my total for this year.

  4. Amazing goals JO! I've got very modest goals and have a post set for Friday to talk about them - mainly finishing books I have and tracking what I read.


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