Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Club - 2 x

Wow it's time for another edition of Christmas club with the lovely Sian. Every Sunday until Xmas, we are joining in by telling tales of Xmas past and present, and maybe the future, who knows. So this week I hope you have been busily preparing for Xmas. I know I have. What with shopping, making, cooking and generally looking at pretty lights, it is certainly feeling alot like Christmas.

So strangely, today is all about Xmas making. I was having a chat with The Mother recently when we talked about childhood Xmases and I remembered all the things we used to make as children. I am sure if she looked hard enough in the loft, my mum could find the odd thing my sister and I had made to go on the Xmas tree or to hang on the wall.

One of my strongest memories is making paper lanterns at school. Such a simple crafting make, but full of fun and possibility. I remember them being hung in the classroom at Xmas times and then brought home to hang on the wall near the Xmas tree by my parents. I'm sure lil sis and I made them every year for many years and they always looked lovely made from shiny coloured paper and with gummed stickers in all different shapes to make them look like Xmas.

If you want to make some, and I can certainly recommend it,  here is a great post explaining how to make your own lanterns

The other thing we'd make at home was paper chains. Mum would buy a few packs in the local shops and lil sis and I would lick the glue part and stick them together until the floor was covered in linked chains of paper shininess. Dad would hang them up from each corner of the room ceiling and where they met he would hang the big paper decorations which came out every Xmas, and which sadly over the years fell apart and had to be replaced.

These days, there are templates for making chains of snowmen, angels and other amazing choices. What a fun activity to do when the children have finished school and you have a spare hour to sit and get them making.

Making is still going on in my house today, where the Xmas cake has been baked and frozen ready for decoration nearer the day, a Xmas wreath has been made and hung on the door, sewing of gingerbread men and crocheting of birds, and making of Xmas gift tags occurred. I suppose I will always be a maker. There might even be the odd handmade present under the tree.

However, you decorate this Xmas I hope your home is filled with beautiful colour and Xmas spirit.


  1. We've got a big tradition of 'making' in our home, lovely! I had forgotten about the lantern making at school: thanks for reminding me! I may put the children to make paper chains this afternoon! Thanks!

  2. Oh Jo! How right you are. I used to enjoy making paper chains, but lanterns? I loved making lanterns: they really are a little bit of Christmas magic. Maybe I've got time this week? I'm going to think about it. Thank you :)

  3. Oh gosh! How I used to LOVE making paperchains! It was an integral part of our Christmas. Thank you for your lovely post and helping me to remember that!

  4. Oh wow I remember the lanterns, I had completely forgot about them.

  5. I remember making those lanterns too. We still make paper chains each year. It's my daughter's favourite thing to do on Christmas Eve.

  6. I remember making those too, although I had forgotten all about them until your lovely post. Thanks Jo :)

  7. I too had forgotten those lanterns! they were a christmas classic weren't they!

  8. Oh what great memories Jo. We used to make the lanterns and the paper chains. I might just make a lantern or two. Thank you!

  9. Oh we used to do lanterns and chains when my two were young - hadn't made them in the US so discovered them when I took them to Nursery/Toddler groups. Thank you for that memory :)


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