Wednesday 17 December 2014

Homemade Xmas door wreath x

I seem to have come over all Kirstie Allsopp this week and been making lots of crafty things. So I thought I'd share.

This has to be the loveliest and probably simple things to make and has a real impact on your front door. Having lived in a flat for the past 6 years I only had an internal door to decorate, however the wreath I made last year wouldn't withstand the weather so I decided to make one of my own for my new front door.

For a lovely wreath you will need the following:

  • a florists double wreath ring which costs about a pound
  • some ribbon I used red about 2" in width
  • some florists wire
  • a bag of fresh moss which I got from my florist for 50p for a big Tesco plastic bag full
  • cinnamon sticks
  • dried orange slices
  • fresh holly branches I got mine in the market for £2.50 with loads of berries
  • some pine twigs
  • thinner ribbon 
  • bells or other items to decorate

florist's wreath ring

a big bag of moss

wire, cinnamon sticks and orange slices

a big bunch of beautiful fresh greenery

So the first thing you need to do is moss up your ring. Take a big handful of moss and squish it into a lovely sausage shape, and yes you're going to get wet and dirty doing this. Place the moss sausage onto the outer rings and then wrap wire around it and the frame until it is safely secured. Keep doing this until your ring is completely mossed up. 

Next you want to get your fresh greenery and make little posies of the holly and conifer twigs. I made about 5 small posies. Wrap wire around the bottom of the stems and make sure you leave a long piece of wire for attaching to the moss.

Next take your posies and place them one at a time on your mossed wreath and choose where they will fit. Push the long piece of wire through the moss to the back and wrap this around to fix the posies to your wreath. Do this for all 5 posies.

N.B. I took loads of pictures to show how I did this on my phone but Picasa has lost all 1000 of my pictures and I cant figure out how to get them back so I'm sorry this is really wordy.

Once you have added the posies it is time to make the wreath your own. I chose some big bells, cinnamon sticks and oranges slices. I wrapped three cinnamon sticks with wire and added some thin red ribbon which I attached in the same way to fill any spaces. My oranges were already wired so I did the same. I made a little embellishment of the bells and cinnamon sticks and attached this at the top of the wreath.

To finish off I used a lovely sparkly ribbon which I tied into a big ribbon and wired through the back to attach to the wreath.

Finally I made a wire hanger from a long piece of florist's wire which I folded over end to end several times to make it stronger and then wrapped the ends around the wire ring.

Here may I present my Green and red wreath.

I hope you find a bit of time to make one of your own, it was great fun xx


  1. I absolutely love your festive wreath. Wishing you much joy this Christmas time

  2. So thick and lush - a brilliant door decoration! I'm going to adopt that phrase "I've come over all Kirstie Allsop!".

  3. That looks lovely Jo! I love how green and festive it looks, especially with the cute bell! :)


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